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Gefjon - Sketch

Norse deity Gefjon.

One of the early versions, to get a sense of composition. Garm will be the Page of coins in Raven Kaldera's 'Giant's Tarot.'

Just an experiment in colouring / composition. Nothing great.

Giant's Tarot and concept copyright to Raven Kaldera
art copyright to me.
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© 2007 - 2021 Ravenari
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Draconari-Elwing's avatar
Wow I think this picture is really nice.
Well I love norse gods and so I am happy you've drawn Gefjon.
Ravenari's avatar
thank you. :) the original is off with the woman who 'commissioned' it, she's written a lot of lovely stuff about Gefjon.

I really like some of the lesser known deities in many pantheons, they seem to possess a wealth of knowledge, lessons and wisdom, and it's so... rewarding to bring that to the light.
Draconari-Elwing's avatar
Yeah maybe you should try Skadi, goddess of skiing and hunting next^^
Ravenari's avatar
I actually have a sketch of Skadi in my scraps ([link]), but never finished it! I'd love to one of these days. :)
faeriefaeria's avatar
very impressive!
Only-Dust's avatar
This is looking absolutely amazing. I love the ocean, and the coin/sun in the background. The bold use of colours is also really cool.

Can't wait for the finished product. :D
AkinaWolf's avatar
oOOOOOOo pretty :)
Ravenari's avatar
thank you. *grin*
San-Hayashi's avatar
Oh, I really like this style! Very nice work with this ^^
Ravenari's avatar
thank you. I can't wait to do the final version.
San-Hayashi's avatar
You're quiet welcome ^_^ I'm sure the final will look fantastic!
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