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European Pine Marten Totem

European Pine Marten as Totem

'I am resourceful, witty, clever, adaptable and sometimes even cunning and sly. Who wouldn't love me?'


Measuring 18.5 x 20.5cm (or 7.4 x 8 in).
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Excellent texture! I can imagine what the fur would feel like if I petted this pine marten.
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Oooo, that's such a lovely comment, thank you.
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oh I adore these animals they so cute I love Pine Marten Heart Love 
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your picture show love for animals, they are very nice... :D
we have these, or at least very similar ones, round here in germany... i sometimes see them when i sit there in the evenings smoking and letting the smoke curl out of the window... plus i think they are the ones who sometimes steal the eggs from our chickens... some weeks ago we put a white stone egg in the box where the chickens lay their eggs, and it was gone some days later - a few days ago i found it, half buried under a bush, haha... :D
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Thank you very much. And I wish we had these here in Australia! I know they must be a nuisance sometimes, but they look really incredible.
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you are welcome... :D
they ARE a nuisance, because the often climb into car motors and bite though the electric cables - in areas where there are many of them, people put frames with wire mesh under their cars to protect them... when you have them living on your attic, you might wake up at night from terrible LOUD noises above you, and........ i love martens, haha... :D
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Martens are amazing little critters. <3
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I've never seen one, wish we had them in Australia!
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You're welcome!
ooooh, so pretty! It makes me think of Pan from the Golden Compass :clap:
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Oooo, that's so awesome! I love Pan! :D
He's wonderful! I love pine martins and am adding him to my wishlist. Hopefully my husband will get a print for me next Winter Solstice!
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How beautiful! I sure love hir. :)
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its beautiful! :)
well done
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