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Cape Hare as Totem

Cape Hare as Totem

18.5 x 20.5cm (or 7.4 x 8 in)
illo's board, fineliner, aquarelle, pencil, metallic and iridescent paint
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love Hares My family had a baby hare once called Hazel
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Hey, I was looking for info about the hare symbolism and look what I found: [link]
Just wanted to check ths was with your permission!
Ravenari's avatar
They've credited me, so it's okay. Though thank you so much for letting me know, it's always a gray area when permission isn't asked for!
uglynoodles's avatar
The veins in the ear are a lovely touch. The desert jackrabbit is a totem of mine, and I greatly appreciate seeing it rendered in such loving detail. <3
Ravenari's avatar
Thank you so much! I questioned whether to put in the veins and I"m very, very glad that I did.
Ellygator's avatar
Beautiful blush and gray!
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NiniriAZ's avatar
This one looks like he's going to take off in a tic. Like he's momentarily 'frozen' as rabbits/hares are wont to do. You really got that look...and the fur is great, but the really excellent detail is the delicate shading and veinwork within his ginormous ears! :D
Ravenari's avatar
Heh, yeah, the hare reminds me of that too! I love their ginormous ears too! :D
MandarinMoon's avatar
I really love how you blend color, it's beautiful!
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joeyv7's avatar
Wonderful contrast with the eye :)
Ravenari's avatar
He's just lovely!
Ravenari's avatar
You're welcome.
van-goghbutterflies's avatar
Oh...wonderful job! I especially like the ears - it's awesome that you included the veins.
Ravenari's avatar
Hee! I tossed up whether to include the veins or not, but eventually decided I would. Glad I did!
Only-Dust's avatar
That eye, it's like it's staring into my soul! Talk about creepy.

I really like the gold energy coming off the head of Cape Hare, and how sharply it goes pretty much straight back down. It looks very cool, as does the rest of the picture.

Ravenari's avatar
Heh, it IS staring into your soul!
Nature-in-my-soul's avatar
I love how you can even see the veins in the ear
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