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Beluga Goddess and Narwhal God

Beluga Goddess and Narwhal God

full view for detail (though this is a photo and not a scan, so it looks better in real life. Yall know how it is).

The Story...

Before humans, but after the creation of the world, Karijiana was many things. She was the sun, the midnight star, the flowers under the sea, the amber, and of course the Beluga. D'miezak'r was also many things. He was the moon, the sea and the fish in the sea, the silver and the heart's blood... and of course the Narwhal.

The Narwhal and the Beluga loved each other deeply, and met at midnight on any night there was a crescent moon in the sky. Beluga rode to Narwhal with the midnight star on her back, and Narwhal so delighted in her beauty that he brought her all the nourishing fish in his seas. In thanks, and to show her own love for him, she grew great gardens of flowers and shells in his waters.

Such gardens have long perished now, though some places remain where one can glimpse a pearly shell or luminous flash of what once was. But Beluga and Narwhal still meet on some midnight nights in the cold and icy North, to share the love of Karijiana and D'miezak'r; the Sun and the Moon.


(mixed media on A3 illustrator's board (11.7 x 16.5in) in watercolour pencil, regular pencil, acrylic, metallic paint, fineliner and faber castell textas).
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That's a beautiful story, and a beautiful picture! I'd love to learn more about it!)
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hi i am so happy because this girl kept sending me mean text and so i blocked her she was so mean she really hurt my feelings how are you doing?
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hi what are you drawing next
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I'm actually on a break at the moment, working on writing instead. But one day I'd like to redo Beluga Goddess / Narwhal God, and I'd like to tell some other stories I remember being told as a kid by my family. I hope you're going well!
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I live in Perth, Western Australia. :)
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Awesome! you are so cool your the nicest person on this website all the other people are mean
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that is so cool how did you come up with it?
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It is part of a story in the mythology of my belief system. :)
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I love mythology were do you live
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I live in Western Australia, but the story of Karijiana and D'miezak'r (the Beluga and the Narwhal) comes from Russia, near the Kola Peninsula and around that region. I have some Russian heritage in my background (as well as English and Dutch). :)
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you are so kind how did you make the narwal god and beluga goddess painting
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This is UH-MAZING. Just.... Whoa. Beautifully done!
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This is absolutely stunning. The colours speak so well against one another.
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Thank you so much. :)
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You are welcome!
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love the colors and designs/patterns, and the story is absolutely charming (:
narwhals are awesome XD
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Narwhals are seriously awesome; I need to draw them way more often.
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I love the colors and the detail you put into this. It's absolutely stunning. <3
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