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Bee Hummingbird as Animal Teacher

Bee Hummingbird // Mellisuga helenae


Small but fierce. Gusto. Full steam ahead. Your power is underestimated, but you know your inner fire. Flashes of insight. Reach. Unique relationships. A fierce inner flame. Living life at a different speed to others. Rushing around. Close friends are better than many acquaintances. Flower essences and magic. Moving at speed. Fashion is a language.

A full description of this and other animal teachers may be found at my website, Wildspeak


Watercolour pencil / pencil / ink / metallic acrylic -> Crescent cold-pressed illustration board ->  18.5 x 20.5 cm (or 7.2 x 8 in).
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Beautifully done as always and so colorful

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Thanks! This is one of my faves, so iridescent in real life!

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Oh yes! Hummingbirds are amazing, and I do think they can teach us about living life with as much fire as you can! Beautiful.

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I wish we had them here in Australia, I'd love to see one in person some day. :D

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You have such a talent for creating such beautiful art

Accept my compliments. Cake
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A pleasure always 💖

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You are very welcome

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