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Bat as Totem

Bat as Totem

Based off the Australian ghost bat, which is our largest microbat. They're pretty funky looking.

Anyway, if you want to see the write-up file for bat as a totem animal or animal guide, you can see it here:



illo's board, pencil, aquarelle, fineliner
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It's so amazing. I had never seen white bats before :]
Ravenari's avatar
Ghost bats are amazing, especially as they're not albinos. I love them. :D
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They have beautiful ears.The albinos are a little more 'gothic' :D
Sootflower's avatar
That is a SWEET bat! It kinda reminds me of the bat in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls!
Pink-Myotis's avatar
A wonderful design! I love bats, especially the paler ones!
Ravenari's avatar
I love pale bats as well! Ghost bats are my fave, seeing a whole bunch of them together is just wonderful.
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I saw the WIP and I thought it would be in a completely different colour scheme. This works incredibly well, a change for all those red-black-vampirey bats :)
Ravenari's avatar
heh, thank you! :)
Only-Dust's avatar
I really like this, the detail is amazing.

wendyf's avatar
I do love all your detailing.
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SurlyQueen's avatar
I love the colors you picked for this one!
Ravenari's avatar
AkinaWolf's avatar
Whoa.....that is one weird yet cool looking bat! :D
Ravenari's avatar
to me, all bats are 'weird and yet cool looking.'
maybe that's just cuz I find them hard to draw.
Luusan's avatar

(dunno if you knew or not, but I'm Silere from LJ. Not that it matters, just so you know.)
Ravenari's avatar
Oh, hi!!! It's always good to put another name that I'm more aware of with another name...

sorry for confusing! Heh.
squizzlenut's avatar
Wow, that's totally not the colour scheme I thought you'd go for! It looks really cool.
Ravenari's avatar
heh. well i'm glad to surprise!
TheGreatMC's avatar
I'm always amazed by your background concept...It must take forever to create something so detailed and complex...:nod:
Ravenari's avatar
I think it just depends on the picture. Some take a really long time conceptually and I end up thinking about it for a really long time. And others just seem to be 'there.' Heh. :)
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