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Arctic Woolly Bear Moth as Animal Teacher

Arctic Woolly Bear Moth // Gynaephora groenlandica

Slow down or stop completely. Freeze and thaw cycles. Consider pausing your project to gain resources in the meantime. Do not act prematurely. Hardiness. Invisible strength. Ice magic. Wind magic. Willow magic. There is strength in stopping. Dormancy. Basking in the sun. Sun friendship. Understanding your personal relationship to the seasons. A unique path. You don’t get things done like everyone else does, and that’s okay. The journey is everything. Your environment isn’t giving you enough, adapt and slow down. Make yourself a safe place.

A full description of this and other animal teachers may be found at my website, Wildspeak


Watercolour pencil / pencil / ink / metallic acrylic -> Crescent cold-pressed illustration board ->  18.5 x 20.5 cm (or 7.2 x 8 in).
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Beautiful. I love how you can make something "ordinary" into extraordinary art.

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Thank you :D This one was really challenging, and yet I'm so happy with the outcome.