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My Bio

I am a 'stay-at-home' artist and writer with CPTSD, a genetic cancer, and a bunch of other health stuff. I live in Perth, Western Australia, with two lovely rescue cats, a garden full of native local plants for the pollinators, and I drink too much bubble tea. I'm nonbinary, and use they/them or he/him pronouns, and I'm ace.

I have a distinct and recognisable style, using traditional art focusing primarily on watercolour and colour pencils, ink, and illustration board. I tend to express my love of the animal kingdom and love drawing rare or unusual animals.

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Matt Pryor / The New Amsterdams / The Get Up Kids
Favourite Writers
Robin Hobb
Tools of the Trade
Crescent illustrator's board, Polychromos, Derwents, Artline Drawing System pens
(Disclaimer: This discusses views that work for ME, and is not meant to be proscriptive to how other people deal with their paths on this journey at all. If you do it differently, that's awesome. *thumbs up*) I was talking to my therapist Thursday about how weird it is to watch people getting so angry at my cancer. Tell me to fight it. To battle it. Crying 'fuck cancer.' Scribbling their thoughts onto the whiteboard they think is me, when none of those things are my philosophy at all... Here's my perspective: If you treat the body as a battlefield, you will lose, even when you win. It's not a coincidence that people get so many war-based me
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This year was meant to be my Big Year for Writing. And, in a lot of ways, it has been! But there have been unexpected bouts of lag on a lot of my projects, because on February 14th I was diagnosed with two very rare tumours called paragangliomas, in very shitty places in my neck, near the brain, attached to arteries, near and/or on significant cranial nerves (9-12). Some back story: I have a metabolic cancer disease that is a 1/1,000,000 condition called 'Hereditary PGL PCC' or just 'the SDHD Gene Fault.' You know you're doing well when your disease has no common name. I had a life-threatening tumour when I was 18, had it removed, my arteries
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Things have been pretty exciting though, lately. Firstly, I've been writing a great deal. However, that work is happening under another name, and so that's basically like my secret double life that's been happening in the background. I'm not really taking personal commissions still. HOWEVER, I am considering commercial commissions on a case by case basis, especially book covers and book illustrations. I recently was nominated for a Tin Duck award for Best WA Professional Artwork for the cover of Prickle Moon by the wonderful Juliet Marillier. And I've been nominated for a DITMAR award for best artwork in the Australian SF Awards again for
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Love your art! Made a request to submit your tui to kiwionlygroup (even if you're an aussie lol). If there's other stuff that's theme-appropriate just let me know! I'd search myself but it's midnight and I should be sleeping

Apologies for the delay, just saw this - but have accepted! :)

Thanks for the Llama!

Your artwork is wondrous. You have a magnificent grasp of color and the joy it brings. One ?, what is a totem?

I don't really use the totem much anymore (I'll have to edit my profile at some point), and prefer animal teacher. But the word 'totem' has been used the world over in anthropology to indicate animals with spiritual or family significance. I use animal teachers now, to indicate animals that we can learn wisdom and gain support from.

Tawny Eagle as Totem

Thanks for letting us feature this amazing abstract piece in our group ArsRapax | DeviantArt. You are welcome to join our group!

We definitely need more birds of prey in this style. Care to submit to our gallery the rest of your work on this thematic:

Egyptian Vulture as Totem
Bearded Vulture - Lammergeier as Totem
Barred Owl as Totem
King Vulture as Totem

So glad I stumbled on your art! Everything is so gorgeous, the colours are absolutely stunning. Cheers from Canada!