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school ball poster

By Raven30412
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piece really old of crap.
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wow..unique and good :)
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hey I used to have something exactly like this as a font though not reall letters can you help me in finding it again? btw great work!!
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hi! well this isn't a font and I dont know about any font looking like this so I can't help you, I'm sorry...
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does this piece have a type font or is it all just cut out?

If it has a type face. Could you tell me where I get it from and if not. How you did it?
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no, it's not a font. it's all pure vector created by myself. from technical point of view, it's very simple and basic play with vector shapes/lines.
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no worries man, ill give it a try
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:) good luck mate
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hrozne zajimavy o,,O
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:) diky
skoda ty plakaty nikdy nevznikly, jen pozvanky a listky.
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i cant read 'ples 2005' in pink part. nice design anyway.
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variace na loslogos?.... vypada to ale epesne :)
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nevim, neprijde me to jako variace na loslogos... krom toho v dobe kdy sem to delal (skoro pred 3 lety) sem jeste o loslogos potazmo o BD nic nevedel...
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Nicely laid out. Were the seams intentional?
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aww.... puzzle :D nice done! u'r/were at an art highschool?
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nope:) never, I were at normal highschool, even now I'm not studing art, I study "japanese studies" at uni:D But I plan to go to architecture uni, thats my dream.
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cool!! good luck with that!!
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Cool poster, great design, it could almost be a stylization of people actually dancing. :)
Anything that contemporary looking cannot often be seen around where I live (Luxembourg). But I'm working on it..
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Thanx a lot! Yes, well, actually you can't see too much of this kind of contemporary looking stuff here too...:(
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It's a shame, so we're both working on it on changing that, hehehe ;)
Thanks for the watch and the fav, also..:)
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yeah:) haha, you dont have to thank me your stuff absolutely rocks!:D
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fakt prekrasny... jen to ples 2005 je tam fakt nerozlustitelny... mohlo by to bejt nak oddeleny, pak by to bylo vpohode. a pocitam , ze ty cerny carky v ty bily motanice nejsou naschval, ale ze to spatne licuje. jinak je to fakt super! dokonalej design a barvy
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dik! jo, s tim ze to nekdo precte jsem ani nepocital, navic je to fuk, je to jen obrazek. ty bily carky se me tam vytvorili pri exportu do .jpg sere me to ale uz nemam naladu to opravovat... corel draw nekdy sucks...
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