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one of new logos / CIDs I've finished recently, another work done via Fontai.

since the customer is currently using very out-dated, extremely boring corporate style with no chance of any visual impact, I've decided to try a little experiment and came up with something quite colorful and fresh - considering the client is a business school. The logo is based on three overlaying bubbles, symbolizing different ideas and viewpoints connecting into one colorful (but coherent) symbol.

In somewhat of an opposit to the symbol is standing the logotype: classic yet fresh and modern, completely custom made type. It is inspired by Tomas Brousil's Kulturista type (Suitcase Type Foundry), but I needed something bit more modern, technical and rounded in order to match the symbol well, this is what I came up with. Developement of this type took me about two weeks, most of the time was spent on geometry of the "S" and "&" letter.

here's the pdf for those who are interested: [link]

edit: only few months after this identity was done, A&W Business School merged with LIG School and overtook their name and their (pretty bad, imho) visual style and logo, so, sadly, the whole project was complete waste of time.
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MilenistProfessional Traditional Artist
I love the way you present your art !!
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tigerribsHobbyist Digital Artist
Love this! The colors are so eye-catching, and they all go together so well. Great designs! c:
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sandrodcpereiraProfessional Interface Designer
Fantastic work and presentation! :wow:
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dawnakatsuki Interface Designer
Nice and kawaii!
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baloMCProfessional Interface Designer
EXO242's avatar
very well done. The stationary is a nice touch.
encoretheangel's avatar
really nice logo! your logos always make me amazed :)
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porcelainkidProfessional Interface Designer
I am not sure If I do like the original explication more than the overtone, though. ;)
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he? explikace je porad ta sama...
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always loving this style, colours/fades/shapes, great work ;)
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mhasanbulliStudent General Artist
Very refreshing and innovative. Yes we have to accept the fact that the resemblance to your own logo is inevitable. Nonetheless, I believe, it is a carefully thought design. I have one concern though. I understand that the colors of the overlapping sections of the logo are results of the mixture of two or three colors. However, the color that came out from the combo red, cyan and yellow is a bit too close to the green you already have. It is good with all the overlapping sections though. Couldn't you change it with another color?
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Thank you:) I can't change anything, the work is done allready. The colors came out naturally from those overlaying parts, I didn't want to adjust them too much. Those too greens are sort of close to each other, but for some reason it feels natural in my eyes, I believe it works well. I actually tried out various color combinations, but this one felt most fresh and natural, so I decided to leave it like this. Thanks for the comment btw, much appreciated!
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mhasanbulliStudent General Artist
I understand :) You are welcome. I cannot wait to see more works :)
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while this is a presentation I personaly would love to have done or own for my self because it is suh a pro job and fun work. It looks like it could be a logo for a design school more then a business school in my humble opinion. Maybe making the buble shapes look more like brain shapes or simple rethinking the color scheam could be a solution.

Lttle question hom much time does this take you to make from start to finish and how much will they pay? I only ask because I feel it takes me foreever to make logos and I always feel bad charging all the hours I work so I just give a fixed price.
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thanks... well, the job's done so no changes are possible, anyway. Plus, I like it this way and so does the client, so I guess I wouldn't change anything anyway. For your question: it depends a lot, but usually it takes a month, from first sketches and concepts till the final manual and exports. Sometimes more. I have fixed prices as well, I'm not charging hours, the price must simply correspond to the usual amount of work you do, and the work must be worth the price in order to make client agree with it, that's all :)
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nice :) reminds of ur logo lol
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hah, yeah it does a bit.
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