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Wolf250's brushes ( Photoshop and Gimp)

A very big thanks to :iconthestrangething: who took the time to convert every brushes so they can be used on Gimp aswell!
Please, if you're a Gimp user download the brushes over there:…

The path in Gimp program: computer > OS(C: ) > programs > Gimp2 > share > gimp > 2.0 > brushes

For any questions or problems regarding those brushes on Gimp, please contact TheStrangeThing

Thank you again! :hug:

Learn how to create your own brushes:


Available to any program that can read .ABR files. Photoshop, but probably Paint Tool SAI aswell.

How to download:
Click on "download" on the top right corner of this page.
Save it in your file.
Go to your repertory where the file has been saved and Un-zip it.

How to install:
I don't about SAI, but for Photoshop you can find a quick tutorial at the bottom of this preview.
Click on the brush tool, click on that clock-wheel, then "load brushes".
Select the brush files you've unzipped as instructed above.

How to customize:
Select the brush.
Play with its settings.

Just random brushes I created. They all are very simple and basic, you can find tons of better and good ones out there on deviantArt! But I wanted to share, dunno why.
Some are quite old, some are quite new.
I personally only use the water effect one( and I use it a hell of a lot, so you better take care of that one lol), and this since 2012.
I still like playing with the other brushes every once in a while when I'm bored or don't know how to "fill in the empty space" of some forest...

4 leaves, 4 grass, rain, snow, stars, comets or shooting stars if you want, water effect, random spots, squares or pixels. 14 brushes.

Feel free to link me your work, I'd love to see how my brushes could be used :)

PS: don't forget to credit either Wolf250 or Raven250 account if you use these brushes, a link to this deviation would be appreciated aswell.
© 2015 - 2021 Raven250
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Thanks a lot!!!!

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it look good we will see what i will can do with that :-D

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Thank you so much

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you're welcome :)

I reinstalled Windows and lost all my brushes, your brushes are very useful to me, thank you very much!


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I'm glad you enjoy them :heart:

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thanks for the brusehs GOD bless
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you're welcome :)
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Definitely want to test. 
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go for it :D They're quite old though, you may want to play a bit with the brush settings to improve them :)
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thank youuuu<3
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Thanks for the brushes!!
I use them in this picture :)
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I'm glad to see your using this brush well, thank you for showing it to me, it's lovely :)
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