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Erase Her! by Raven-Ironclaw Erase Her! :iconraven-ironclaw:Raven-Ironclaw 5 2 The Eraser and The Deleter by Raven-Ironclaw The Eraser and The Deleter :iconraven-ironclaw:Raven-Ironclaw 5 0 Undertale Group by Raven-Ironclaw Undertale Group :iconraven-ironclaw:Raven-Ironclaw 5 5 Frisk and Sans by Raven-Ironclaw Frisk and Sans :iconraven-ironclaw:Raven-Ironclaw 2 0 Frisk and Toriel by Raven-Ironclaw Frisk and Toriel :iconraven-ironclaw:Raven-Ironclaw 2 0 Knife Wielders by Raven-Ironclaw Knife Wielders :iconraven-ironclaw:Raven-Ironclaw 4 0
Beautiful Storm
The sun is out in full bloom,
The rain it falls in misty form,
Out of the sky comes a rumbling boom,
Welcoming in the beautiful storm
Light and water make the colored band,
The clouds charged release mighty flash,
This much power is in her hand,
Where beauty and strength make the clash.
Gloomy clouds hang above,
Merry warm brezze blow them along,
Earth and sky make mud with love,
The thunder rolls like timpani song.
Beautiful storm, violent grace,
Stressing clouds meet happy sun,
Torrent of rain like lovely lace,
It begs the question, stay or run?
I enjoy it. I hate it. Its ugly and nice.
It's love. Its fear. It worries me much,
It burns so hot, it chills like ice,
She's a beautiful storm I treat her as such.
:iconraven-ironclaw:Raven-Ironclaw 3 0
I Will Protect You! by Raven-Ironclaw I Will Protect You! :iconraven-ironclaw:Raven-Ironclaw 7 8 Two Links, One Hero by Raven-Ironclaw Two Links, One Hero :iconraven-ironclaw:Raven-Ironclaw 5 0
I have walked through fields of flowers,
Climb up tall skyscraping towers,
Swam in oceans pure and clean,
Walked in forests of deep green.
I have made angels in deep powdered snow,
Walked into dark caves deep down low,
Climbed up the eastern mountains high,
Such beauty makes me let out a sigh.
But there is not a thing on this earth,
That has truly been of worth,
Except a lovely girl, her grace,
To whom my heart would chase.
Oh! The beauties of nature are such a bore,
The girl at my side is so much more,
Forever I love her with all my heart,
Oh! Never! Please never, let us part!
:iconraven-ironclaw:Raven-Ironclaw 3 3
Art Wall by Raven-Ironclaw Art Wall :iconraven-ironclaw:Raven-Ironclaw 16 16
Walking through a park in the fall,
A girl beside me who is my all,
Coloured hair like the autumn leaves,
Young and Fair, but not naïve.
Her hand in mine and mine in hers,
One soft touch! My heart then stirs.
She is the Zelda to my Link,
A lovely Princess who makes my heart sink,
She is the Sheeta to my Pazu,
Smiling with joy up the wazoo,
She is the Sophie to my Howl,
The other girls in envy growl!
Her charming voice to my ears a song,
For her alone do I long,
Her face shines like the morning sun,
When I am down, to her I run,
She is a living gift from God,
With inner beauty, my heart she robs!
:iconraven-ironclaw:Raven-Ironclaw 5 3
The Palms of yesteryear are taken,
Gathered together and burned,
Remember, Man, you are dust,
To dust you shall return!
This Cross of Ash upon your head,
Take it in memory of your impending doom,
But be not discouraged and have great hope,
May virtue within you bloom.
Forty days and forty nights,
Did Our Lord and Savior Fast,
So should we follow his way,
In preparation for His Passion at last.
Three hours on the Cross,
Three days in the tomb,
Then comes the Resurrection,
And the Eastertide in Full Bloom!
:iconraven-ironclaw:Raven-Ironclaw 3 2
Enslaved by Freedom
Do whatever you want,
Give in to your desires,
Fulfill all your wants,
Hold nothing back.
I once believed this,
And let it all out,
But I was never happy,
Was never satisfied.
By freeing my desires,
I became a slave of them,
Now I need my freedom back,
Freedom from my crazy wants.
:iconraven-ironclaw:Raven-Ironclaw 2 4
Roxie by Raven-Ironclaw Roxie :iconraven-ironclaw:Raven-Ironclaw 10 10
The Lovely Mermaid
Here we are traveling the ocean blue,
With salty old captain and well trained crew,
Long and lazy is our journey thus far,
Following the compass and heavenly star.
Soon did we see a land off afar,
With palm trees many and long sand bar,
So we dropped anchor and headed ashore,
To escape this lethargic sea of bore.
Then up from the sea came a creature of lore,
"No mistake! We saw it!" All the men swore,
Body of woman and tail of a fish,
Leaping out of water with grace and swish.
Some would have watched her as long as they wish,
Some desired her tail, but on a dish,
I preferred to listen to her siren song,
Notes so low and calming, so sweet and long.
Then up from the ocean came a great throng,
A host of her kin 'bout one hundred strong,
Flipping in the air and singing their spell,
It was so beautiful and yet so fell.
All of a sudden there came a great yell,
but from whose mouth it came no one could tell,
What came after was a resounding splash,
A man went overboard, gone in a flash!
You s
:iconraven-ironclaw:Raven-Ironclaw 3 7

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Karasu Etsuklau
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Amateur Pianist and Composer.

Will trade/commission piano music for art/points discuss with me if you are interested. My artwork ability is limited to sketches and concept stuff.

A striving gentleman, but not even close to perfect.

A Roman Catholic. God Bless you all!
Ad majorem Dei gloriam -- For the greater glory of God!

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These wonderful artists have drawn commissions and requests for me.
God bless them!
Check out the CARTs folder in my favorites for their works!…

:iconmaria-yamada: :iconisismeow: :iconchibitacolord: :iconseptic-artist-demon: :iconsmolsalty: :iconxxmooniewolfexx: :iconveliav: :iconchocosnail90: :iconanimeturtlecakes98: :icongalsein: :iconzallydraws: :iconannamudkip: :iconsugakkun: :icona-meridiem: :iconcarsote: :iconflamingdreamfest: :iconcolorfullymonotone: :icondasfarbspiel: :iconpiyobread: :iconcoconutskull: :iconsunshine-sky: :icont-apostate: :iconaragongal: :iconwaterberr: :iconruthpainter: :iconkrustalos: :iconflospietatis: :iconellenent: :iconemma-drawing: :iconloveless-nights: :icongeneral-link: :icongreenicecream-chan: :iconmegubunnii:


Iris by Flamingdreamfest by :iconflamingdreamfest:

Heart free avatar by luisbcA very special girl drew this piece for me! Heart free avatar by luisbc

[Commission] Reimu. by Emma-Drawing by :iconemma-drawing:

The Best Commission ever done for me!

:Comm: Virtual Friends by MeguBunnii by :iconmegubunnii:

This special person drew me with my favorite characters! I love her so much :heart:


There are some artists that you just KNOW will do a good job no matter what kind of troubles get in their way when it comes to commissions.

This lovely lady :iconmegubunnii: is one of those artists. And boy did she more than deliver!

:Comm: Virtual Friends by MeguBunnii

Please! Give her some love and commission her. It is worth every penny you will pay!
Happy Easter Everyone and to my watchers! Belated, but I was on a vacation! Glad to now sort through the 200+ deviations I missed! lol
I have just been blessed with the single best commission I ever asked for.
[Commission] Reimu. by Emma-Drawing
This artist drew for me a picture I had been thinking about commissioning for a long long time and now it is a reality. I cannot thank her enough. God Bless her soul. :iconemma-drawing:
I want to wish everyone here a blessed St. Valentine's Day.

Also a happy Ash Wednesday as we open this season of Lent.



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