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WIP: Allosaurus and Campylognathoides by Raven-and-Fox WIP: Allosaurus and Campylognathoides by Raven-and-Fox
Acrylic on Canvas
WIP November 2013

I've been working mostly on the Allosaurs's head. I laid in some basic colour and texture detail. I'm still playing around a bit, deciding what I like. These colours were laid down in sheer washes, so they are pretty easy to change if I don't like something. The basic muzzle colour/skin colour is not yet worked out, but I'm trying to go for a lavender/grey/brown colour, if I can achieve it. I'm having some difficulty matching the colour to what I have in my head. I might go and find a reference for a different idea, though, since it's giving me such a hard time. I'm also not sure about the blue around the eye- I think it looks like he was punched in the face at the moment. I might go either really bright blue, to make it obvious it's a display colour, or tone it down to a more subdued gray-blue. I'll do some test pieces tonight and figure it out for tomorrow.

I'm enjoying playing with the textures; so much fun! It's nice that it's fairly large, compared to most of my other works, because the space gives me room to experiment a bit. Scales and wrinkles aren't something I have much experience with; I generally prefer feathers and fur.

Next steps: 
-Figure out basic skin colouration. 
-Put in teeth (must research proportion, shape, placement, etc). 
-Fix shadows. Saturate colours. Put in highlights. You know... Paint it up some more.

Suggestions on this guy are definitely encouraged! I'm making it up as I go, so any guidance would be awesome. 
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November 24, 2013
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