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Northern Quoll

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This is a Northern Quoll, or Dasyurus hallucatus, for you scientists =P which was caught in an animal trap in Crediton State Forest, near Mackay, Australia. It is a nocturnal marsupial (an animal that has a pouch, like a kangaroo) and it eats insects, freshwater crabs, etc. It is becoming an endangered species, due to loss of habitat, and the threat of introduced animals like foxes, cats, and cane toads. :(

In December, a team of rangers from the Queensland Government Department of the Environment was trapping Quolls throughout the forest to attach radio-tracking collars to them, and to just get more information about their lives. I got to tag along as a volunteer. :D

This animal freaked out so much when it saw us coming in the morning, that it bashed it's nose against the trap door, injuring itself. :( The ranger determined that this one was a young female, who was a virgin (could tell by the rusty colour of the pouch fur, apparently 0.o).

Another interesting fact that I learned from the rangers was that almost all the males are dead by the end of each Spring (mating season). This is because the males spend so much time and energy fighting competitively against other males and mating during the Spring, that they 'forget' to eat or sleep, and run out of energy/starve to death. :XD: The females then raise the young through the spring and summer. Males only live about one year. D:

More information, if you are interested:
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You got to help out? That sounds like such an awesome experience!
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Wow that's really cool you got to be a volunteer. :) I hope these guys make it.
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It was awesome! :) I really hope they survive as well, it would sad to see them disappear. What type of volunteer work do you think you would enjoy doing, if you could do it?
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very sad. :( I heard they moved some to the islands up North of the Northern Territory, where there are no cane toads, I thought that was a good idea. :) Oh and have you heard of cane toad sausages which they're giving to the quolls? :XD:
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Yeah, I did hear... I think it will help make some populations safer than the mainland, and be a good back-up source of animals if the mainland populations decline too much.

Haha, yeah I heard about the sausage thing! It's quite a unique idea, making them know and hate the taste of cane toads. I believe some people, such as the Chinese, eat the toads themselves as well (importing them from here). Yuck! :XD:

What wildlife did you used to see, around your home, or around Darwin?
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Northern Quoll males are players!
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Lolz, I reckon! Well, they're about to die, so maybe we should give 'em a break. ;)
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yeah good idea
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Aww the poor dear :c, she's awfully cute though without the bruises <3.
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mmm... I hope she made it all right. The spotted fur is pretty.
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Yeah, she is pretty cute from what I can tell ^^
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Wow! I've neveer heard of the Northern Quoll before. It must have been a neat experience for you to work with the rangers!
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That's not surprising, they only occur in Northern Australia, and on the island of New Guinea.
It was great! These critters aren't really seen by people, except at a zoo (although they are possibly heard at night by campers) so it was exciting to see them with the rangers. Do you think you could/would ever do something like that?
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I would love to work with rangers! I really don't get out much - never even been camping. But I love nature and learning about wildlife.
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Really? Wow, you don't know what you're missing out on! I hope you get to do some camping sometime in the future!
It sounds like you have a great interest in the outdoors, and what's in it. :) Do you think that will translate into a future job relating to nature, or wildlife?
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Nature fascinates me. I just think it's a shame I've hardly been out in it.
Naah, I actually think I'll spend my adulthood sitting on my butt, staring at a computer screen until retirement :XD: I would love to make a game when I'm older, do character designs, etc.
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Why don't your parents take you out on trip to places like the local creek for a swim, or a nice hike/camp in the woods?
Lol, sounds relaxing and enjoyable, hopefully you won't be fat as a couch potato by the end of it though. =P I think you'd do well in such a career, you certainly have the imagination for it, and your art skills have improved loads over time!
GrayDragoness's avatar
Well my mum doesn't have a car... and despite the fact that we live in the mountains, there aren't any camp ground within walking distance that we know of. And, well, my father lives in a large city. Soo I've never had many opportunities.

Oh... uhm yeah. *discards potato bag* I, uh, never want to become a couch potato! *turns off TV* Eheheh...
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Ah, I see. It must make it hard for you and mum to be mobile and get around.

Haha. xP *points finger* I saw you thar in that costume... don't lie...
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...and great description. Love the way u always write it.
raven-2007's avatar
Aw, you're the first one to say that. Thank you! ^^

How is life going, for you?
Left-Unfinished's avatar
It's all ok at the moment...
I have to study a lot those days...
And you?
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Ok, it sounds like it is taking a lot of your time. Is it difficult to keep up with the study? What things are you learning about at the moment?

Life is going good, I have started university studies again... I am studying Invertebrate Zoology (animals with no backbone), Geological Science (rocks) and Plants and the Environment. I also have a driver license now, so that is useful. :D
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