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Silverhawks_tribute by FranciscoETCHART Silverhawks_tribute :iconfranciscoetchart:FranciscoETCHART 510 174 Cybertronian Soundwave by kurisama Cybertronian Soundwave :iconkurisama:kurisama 167 20 Soundwave by morgenty Soundwave :iconmorgenty:morgenty 68 3 Soundwave practice redraw by ST3-V3-4N7 Soundwave practice redraw :iconst3-v3-4n7:ST3-V3-4N7 386 31 Gilgamesh. - Jack Farrell by Jangelles Gilgamesh. - Jack Farrell :iconjangelles:Jangelles 43 6 Gilgamesh by Rozrr Gilgamesh :iconrozrr:Rozrr 17 9 Two Steps From Hell - Drizzt do'urden by endave Two Steps From Hell - Drizzt do'urden :iconendave:endave 42 10
I love the way life leaves its mark on our bodies.
Every laugh and smile etched in the crinkles around your eyes and mouth;
Those tan-lines the time you forgot about sunscreen
Because you were so hell-bent on reaching that mountain peak
Or when you just became lost in the gentle lap of waves at the shore;
The scars you got skateboarding in the park at summer dusk
Or when life became pain and it was your only release.
Our bodies are a record of our memories and experiences
They are our travel journals and emotional diaries
Our delicate armour to the elements.
And no matter its colour, its stature, if it's not quite intact
If you sometimes think it takes up too much space, or if it has pointy corners
Your body is the vessel for your soul, and every wonderful facet of who you are
Sparkles from the surface of your skin.
Skin that may grow to be wrinkled, tanned, scarred, well lived-in
Although not always embraced by you the way that others embrace it.
But do.
Take the time to explore the s
:iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 583 144
A Villain's Apathy
A Villain's Apathy:
Part One: As Darkness Sleeps
Artemis Entreri sat alone on a rock outside of Calimport, a thoughtful frown painted across his sinister features. To the left of the rock lay a bloodstained cloak, his cloak though not his blood, and to its right lay three nameless brigands, dead. Two of them were missing their head, the remaining, would-be killer had a neat stab wound in his stomach where Artemis had drained his life.
Sand speckled his vision of the city, of his home, but he need not see to know upon what he was staring. The end of the trail, the center of his life, the single place he always ended up returning to.
"Jarlaxle," Pronounced Artemis, drawing the name out, as if pondering the meaning of it. "Gareth," Again the assassin drew each syllable out, lengthening the word.
Entreri's fist tightened, excruciatingly so, "Calihye," His voice was a mere whisper, the veins in his hands became more defined as his fist tensed even further, his fingernails drawing blood.
:iconvarthen:Varthen 5 4
Falling by Sakurarules Falling :iconsakurarules:Sakurarules 12 8 Dragons by Sakurarules Dragons :iconsakurarules:Sakurarules 2,897 405 Chosen of Khorne by Tygodym Chosen of Khorne :icontygodym:Tygodym 267 23 water colossus by Tygodym water colossus :icontygodym:Tygodym 35 2 Ifrit the Ruiner - regular by velinov Ifrit the Ruiner - regular :iconvelinov:velinov 1,317 25 Deadpool by logicfun Deadpool :iconlogicfun:logicfun 514 31 Fated Intervention by velinov Fated Intervention :iconvelinov:velinov 1,184 39



I have to close my eyes to let them adjust to the darkness.Like so many times before,vainly trying to shield myself from the encroaching ruin.It feels evil.Intelligent,damning,yet capable-more so inescapable.I've been here before,trying to raise my eyes up from the floor,only to have my spirit flee on out of the door.This all seems so familiar and strange,like I should know what to do,I resist it,fight it,so it can not be true.All this time,I was looking to such a beautiful place,lying to myself,refusing a most obvious disgrace.I know what I am,the things that I've done,but always,for me,in my heart,there was room for just one.Now,to open my eyes and to begin truly to see,the one in the dark,afraid and blind was always just me.I could lay blame,live in anger,fade away and destroy myself,but who would that waste in time truly help?My friends,this lesson took so long to learn,we only get to keep what we love in life,that which we have rightly earned.Good and evil,heaven and hell,exist in this time,right here,so walk your road well.Don't wait to do good or to help out a brother,we were meant to give and live,in peace with each other.If you must stay in the dark and most painful of places,always trust and believe your never far from your own saving graces.
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andrew heckey
United States
I just love art.Any expression of the imagination.My entire life's dream is to become a great writer,not for money,or fame,but to create worlds and exciting characters for those that come later to grow up with and love.Like I did.


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Thank you to anyone who even noticed me.I used to be able to draw a little (not like all you guys)then one day my hand was almost completely destroyed--true story-always have I somehow found the best fantasy stories ever written.Tolkien,Jordan,Moorcock,.These greats I found while in traction for broken neck.It fired my imagination to heights I'd only dreamed of before.Then I found more,so much more,R.A.Salvatore,Weis&Hickman,Terry Brooks-Marvel&D.C.-ok i'll stop now.It is just been my lifes dream to become a great writer.
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