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Published: December 12, 2018
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------Prefix: Skunk - For her skunk-like pelt.
------Suffix: Paw - For her constantly moving around and being active.
Nickname(s): Skunk
Gender: Female 
Sex: Female 
Clan: SeaClan 
Rank: Warrior
Age: 12+ moons 
------Birth Date: 12/11/2018
Breed: Pretty moggy

Mentor: FallowSun
Apprentice: (N/A)
Mother: Blossomfire (NPC/Dead)
Father:  Darkstep (NPC/Dead)
Siblings: (N/A)
Mate: (N/A)
Kits: (N/A)

- Happy by Pharell Williams, www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0m3Lf…
- Kiss the girl (the gayest version ever) www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9Dbbj…


Pelt: Black and white
Eyes: Yellow 
Scars/Disabilities: N/A 
Height: Slightly shorter than average height 
Build: Average build 
Scent: soft and sweet flowers 


Personality: | Good traits: Bullet; Green | Neutral traits: Bullet; Yellow | Bad traits: Bullet; Red |

Bullet; Green Friendly Bullet; Green - She is really nice and loves to meet other cats.
Bullet; Green Enthusiastic  Bullet; Green -  She is always eager to do stuff as soon as she wakes up, she wants to start being productive and have fun, make the most of each day.
Bullet; Green Adventurous Bullet; Green -  She loves to stray from home and explore the unknown. Often getting herself into trouble, however.

Bullet; Yellow Curious Bullet; Yellow - She is always wondering what is out in the big, wide world she was born in. And she loves to know more about other clans and many other things.
Bullet; Yellow Alert Bullet; Yellow - When she goes out she is extremely alert of her surroundings, what most people would look over like footprints or a broken branch. She just has to look at everything.
Bullet; Yellow Loyal Bullet; Yellow - Despite her tendencies to stray and wander, she will always be the most loyal cat you will ever meet to her clan, family and friends.

Bullet; Red Weary Bullet; Red - She is normally bouncy but she gets tired from exertion of energy and needs to take naps often.
Bullet; Red Distractable Bullet; Red - Things tend to distract her and she gets off course of stuff easily. A leaf, bug, anything. A pretty flower? Gotta inspect it.
Bullet; Red Reckless Bullet; Red - She can be reckless and can put herself into situations that put her in danger or a disadvantage, if she isn't careful. 


SkunkPounce is very energetic and open for any kind of adventure - she loves to explore and experience new things. She'll often be spotted far from the clan's camp, getting into all sorts of mischief. New friends and new adventures are always welcome experiences for her, and she wont turn down the prospect of company or a fun time. She can be reckless and rash, jumping into situations where she's at a disadvantage or in danger, leading to her getting hurt very often. She often returns home bearing scratches and scars and all manner of bumps and bruises, mostly due to not looking where she was going, or misjudging the distance between one rock and another before taking a leap. She doesn't dwell on her injuries, always putting on a brave smile to cover up her pain. She doesn't like to spend a lot of time worrying about the past or the future, and instead likes to focus on the present and what's going on around her. She's very alert, and she'll often be distracted by the tiniest things - a bug flying by, an oddly colored leaf. She'll stop to investigate any little disturbance, and she's very good at noticing things that would be hidden to most. This means she's oddly aloof and constantly buzzing with new discoveries, flitting from one thing to another like a bee. She doesn't spend too long on one thing, and she'll drift back and forth between friends, as well.
She doesn't like leaving people behind, and she'll never betray a friend. But she has so many of them that she has trouble deciding who to hang out with or who to talk to. She'll occasionally drag one friend over to meet another, creating little friend groups of oddballs held together by her vibrant, enthusiastic nature. Due to her curiosity and tendency to explore everything, she's very knowledgeable about random things, like what flowers bloom at what time of year, and what so-and-so was doing at this hour last night. It also means her memory is rather short. She's always pushing out old facts to replace them with new ones. In fact, she's so full of energy that it tires her out immensely, both physically and mentally. She can't handle long, emotionally scarring scenes, and instead prefers to just be happy. Sadness wears her out, and causes her to lose sight of herself. Luckily, she's an expert at bouncing back from pain. Physically, she expends her energy quickly in short bursts, and has to take a lot of naps all throughout the day in order to compensate.

- Being around her clanmates.
- Going on patrols.
- Exploring the clan territory.
- Sneaking out to look at more new and interesting things.
- Adventures.
- Taking naps.

- Being confined to camp.
- Trying to over-work herself.
- Doing things when shes tired.
- Having too much asked of her at once.

- "I wanna make as many people happy as possible!" 

Personal quotes:
- "Wanna hang out!?" 
- "I'm exhausted... I need to rest for a bit."

MapleSyruq helped me come up with them.
- She is a cinnamon roll.
- She is the most lesbian cat you will ever come to know.

Mother: BlossomFire
Father: DarkStep

Sibling(s): N/A

Mate: Not yet.
Kit(s): Not yet.

Status: Single
Orientation: Lesbian
> Light fur. 
> Cute markings. 
>Cuddly and kind personality. 
>Loves adventures. 

Currently crushing on: Nobody!
-Current attaction: Nobody! 
-Past attraction: Nobody


Bullet; White | No opinion
Bullet; Green | Likes
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green | Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green | Close Friend
Bullet; Orange | Respects
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange | Admires
Bullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; Orange | Worships
Bullet; Yellow | Curious about
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow | Worries about
Bullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow | Protective over
Bullet; Blue | Avoids
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue | Envies
Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue | Pities
Bullet; Black | Dislikes
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black | Fears
Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black | Hates
Bullet; Pink | Affection for
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink | Lusts for
Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink | Crushes on
Bullet; GreenBullet; Red | Platonic love
Bullet; PinkBullet; Red | Romantic love
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Red | Family love
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Green | Chosen family
Bullet; Purple | Biological family
Star!| Mentor/Apprentice
Heart| Mate
Name | Deceased



-Darkstep and Blossomfire where two warriors of Seaclan who had their daughter, Skunkkit during the time when the clan evacuated into the forest. Blossomfire was a kind she-cat who handled her daughter with care and Darkstep was a meek but caring tom. After the clan moved back after the water in camp drained they spent the next few moons caring for her.
-Her dad took part in the big hunting competition Eelstar held. But unfortunately a terrible sickness claimed both of their lives.
-Skunkkit wasn't sure what to do and ended up clinging to a cat named Clearpool, a caring and sweet she-cat of the clan. She mourned the loss of her parents with the rest of the clan, but she eventually sought comfort in her clan-mates and moved past it.

-Steps up as an apprentice of SeaClan and earns the name SkunkPaw.
-Gains FallowSun as her mentor and begins training under him.
-Spends time with her mother figure, ClearPool.
-Runs into a HighClan cat named ForestPaw. They try to teach each other new things like climbing and swimming.
-Meets a seemingly shy tom named SnailPaw.
-SkunkPaw meets a pretty warrior she-cat named LeopardPurr and enjoys talking with her.
-SkunkPaw runs into another apprentice of SeaClan named RuePaw and enjoys talking to her.

New warrior:

Current Plot:

---RP Details---

Notes: Yas
Skype: Yas 
Discord: Yas 
Facebook: No thanks 
Chats: Maybe 
Comments: Why not 

G/PG: Sure 
PG-13: Why not 
M: Why not 

Group (c) LaurenBlu
Application (c) Shiningstarofwinter
Character Design (c) RaveGalaxy
Art and character (c) RaveGalaxy
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Is she a lesbian i was kind of hoping Alligatorpaw and her could become friends and maybe MAYBE more in the far future.
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dannydawgHobbyist Artist
Would you be up to having her meet :.: Snailpaw - The Jitter Bug :.: ? I'm trying to get him to meet some of his denmates.
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RaveGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
Lets do it!!!
Would you mind starting though? Seems like such a good bean!
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dannydawgHobbyist Artist
Of course not. I figured I would since I asked. I'll just go ahead and start us here, but if you'd prefer somewhere else just let me know and I can switch over!

Snailpaw padded back into camp after a long day of training. He wasn't quite sure where Nightthistle had taken off to, but to be fair he didn't care too much. Although Seaclan's camp didn't feel nearly as homey as his last, maybe just because he wasn't used to it yet, he felt more at home in camp than he did out of it. Snailpaw's fur had somewhat dried on the walk back to camp, but the cold air wasn't much help. It seemed as if Seaclan's camp was warm compared to outside, but not nearly enough. Or maybe that was just his wet fur talking.
Snailpaw still hadn't had it in him to clean salt water from his fur just yet. And like a kit each time he returned from training Antbite helped him groom his fur. Though she had a clear distaste for everything water related, she never seemed to complain. He felt a bit useless when she did so, but with everything that had happened to them, he enjoyed the motherly comfort, though it made him miss his own dearly.
Deciding to try and groom his own fur for once, seeing as Antbite was still out on her own training, Snailpaw sat outside the warriors' den. Despite having had a nest made for him in the apprentices' den, he snuck out most nights to sleep beside either Antbite or his uncle Shadedwing. Sometimes even his cousin Risingsun, but he wasn't as close to her as he was his uncle or Antbite. With each lick the taste of salt grew, but after a long while Snailpaw had to admit he was proud for finally cleaning his own fur.
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RaveGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
SkunkPaw bounded into camp and nodded to FallowSun, her mentor. After she and him parted ways she smiled and padded over to the elders den and glanced inside for a moment. But as she looked inside she noticed ClearPool wasn't there. She sighed and looked around for a clanmate to hang out with. But as she looked around the area she noticed a tom-cat sitting outside of the warriors den but looking too young to be a warrior, had she met him before?" She put a paw to her chin as she thought and looked at him from ears to tail tip. She tried to jog her own memory and eventually shrugged and walked over to him as she held a warm and welcoming smile. "Hey! Hey there!" She started as she approached. "My names SkunkPaw, what's your name?" She asked more quietly as she got closer. 
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dannydawgHobbyist Artist
So sorry for the late reply, I got swamped with school!

Snailpaw lifted his head up, for a second his heart jumped into his throat before he calmed himself with a deep breath out. He flicked his gaze over the new cat who had approached him, and her name clicked. At her black and white fur Snailpaw almost chuckled, but his anxious ways kept him a bite more cautious than he hoped to let on.
Shifting a bit Snailpaw sat up to meet her height a bit easier, and he gave a quick awkward nod of his head.
"O-oh, hello, Skunkpaw. I'm S-snailpaw. Nice to meet you!"
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RaveGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
SkunkPaw looked at the other apprentice. She could sense a tad of unease in him as she tilted her head. He seemed pretty nice though. She gave a bright smile and she giggled a bit when she replied. "It is very lovely to meet you SnailPaw!" She hopped in place as she realized his name made sense. She gave him a poke with a very soft paw. "That's a pretty cool name! How's your day going?" She asked, unafraid to be the one to strike up a conversation. "
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dannydawgHobbyist Artist
For a second Snailpaw just stared at the apprentice before he blinked. Realizing she really was talking to him. He blinked to where she had poked him before blinking back to her.
"O-oh. It's going okay. I got back from swimming a bit ago, so I was just relaxing and trying to warm up a bit." He scanned the apprentice for a moment. Usually he was pretty keen to the cats who were in camp, and he was fairly certain she had appeared out of nowhere. That meant she was either magic, or she just returned to camp. "How was training?"
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RaveGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
SkunkPaw blinked and smiled as she watched his reactions. She swished her tail and purred with amusement for a moment before hopping up and down once. "I just got back from swimming too in the kit sea with FallowSun!" She squeaked with excitement. "I didn't have anyone to talk with and you were the only one here and for some reason you were in front of the warriors den and I was super curious so I came over and-" She spoke pretty fast and cut herself off to breath as the words poured out. "In summary- hi! Would you like to hang out?" She sat down and kept her chest puffed out as she fidgeted excitedly. It was pretty hard for her to sit still. 
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Such a cutie! 
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RaveGalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
Eeee indeed! She a good bean! <3
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Hey there! Your mentor will be  Fallowsun by CompleteParadox098
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