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By ravefirell
I started watching Hannibal after seeing pretty .gifs off Tumblr and man, it is filmed beautifully. Very "hipster" haha
Can't wait for episode 6! ^o^
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so helpless and humilliated as the bitch I am. I want you to do this to me.
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Love this!! 
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I love this couple. It is deeply and conflict.
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Nice picture, goes really well with the show!
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Woah, Hannibal is so nonchalant here with that knife!!
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Poor Will.... Great Job though!
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Leave Will alone, you corpse-eating bastard!!

... Sorry, I may have gotten a little emotional here. Awesome piece of art, by the way.
Awesome work
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I bought this print at comiccon today =) Thank you!
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Thank you so much for your support! :D
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Of course =) I just finished season 1 of the show today. I can't wait to get home and start season two.  You captured the feel of the show very well.
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Yeahhhhh I just caught up to season 2 and woahhhh the gore... I thought I could take it OTL
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That finale though =o  I don't know what to feel!
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that hug was aaaaaa pretty gay :T
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Mother of god Mein Got

This is so coolElsie (Crying) [V1] 
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would you like some mushrooms on that?
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im using this as a timeline cover, the signature is visible and credits are given. I hope that's okay

Beautiful work, I love the faded elk in the back. Ever present that elk. 
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That's just fine. Thanks for being considerate! :)
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This is gorgeous. Oh I just love the colors and dynamics... AUGH. :happybounce: :eager: 
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Dinner time~!

*thinks about it for a bit*

Carve out the cheeks first; they're the best cut, after all.

...and now I'm hungry owo"
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oh shit- it's the mushrooms eAe
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