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Under the Weather

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I won't go into the gory details of the second worst cold she ever had, but as for the worst one Twilight ever suffered? one likes to talk about what happened to her long lost big sister, Twilight Sprinkles.

And of course the uber talented :iconcsimadmax: drew this whole thing while fighting off bears and wolverines with nothing but a paper clip and a feather 

This also has to be a record for me for being featured on Equestria Daily - same day I posted this, it ends up on EQ. Thanks Sethisto, I was very surprised! :D

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"You're a watchyamacallit with a horn" spike you have lived with a unicorn your entire god damn life how the hell do you not know this?
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Did Hasbro take inspiration from this comic for the recent MLP Short: 'Ail-icorn' cause both this comic and the short are vary similar :P 
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Genie Emoticon "..."
Aladdin - Genie Icon 2 "Boy... And I thought I was sick!"
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Nothing can stop the smooze Shoggoth
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Take cover, everypony! Enthusiastic (uncovered) attack comin'!
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Did... did she just sneeze half her purple into the Smooze and turn into Tara's ponysona?
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What... What did I just see?
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The third worst cold twighlight has had.
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And what's the second?
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They had to rebuild the Crystal Empire
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We don't speak of that incdent.
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It's how the Anti-Bronies came to be?
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Me: Uhh...You might want to stand back...It's about to get messy...

Twilight: A...A...ACHOO

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Fuuuuusion ha...choo!
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excuse me while i try to figure something out

celestia luna and cadance are all alicorns
alicorns are basically unicorns with wings...
equestrea's screwed good

Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz :and so is discord!
Fluttershy (RLY?) plz :might i ask something
Fluttershy (boop) plz :how
Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz :because dragonequus have horns remember, so they are basically not pony unicorns!
Fluttershy (boop) plz : pinkie that isn't even possib-
Discord Thinking Plz :you know if you think about it pinkie's right fluttershy
Discord Icon 3 :i have powers that a strong unicorn has so
Discord (No) plz :im screwed good also
spike (scary) plz :there's gonna be chaos forever!
Discord (i actually never said) plz :i beileve that is not so
spike (scary) plz :it is!
Discord (No) plz :so you mean...
spike (scary) plz :yes
Discord (uh me) plz :bye-bye
Twilight Sparkle (wow) plz :admit it
Vinyl Wub Wave icon :admit what
Twilight Sparkle (hmm...) #2 plz:
Vinyl Wub Wave icon :

end of story
also i didn`t get the whole plot hole so this is what i went witha
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