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Chibi Papercraft - Saitama (One Punch Man!)


EDIT (03/04/16) Thanks for the 300 downloads !
EDIT (03/23/16) Thanks for the 500 downloads !
EDIT (04/26/16) Thanks for the 700 downloads !
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Are there instructions on how to do it?

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No actually, using Pepakura Viewer is the easiest way

sorry I know you are using any software to make papercraft, please because I have searched on google, youtube, nobody tells or makes content about papercraft maker software
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I didn't understood you very well, but.... I used Metasequoia for making my models

thank you for the response, sorry my comment is confusing
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Can you please send me the pepakura file on my email 
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the download link is on the description...
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Awesome built! I been looking for a build-table model like this :D Just a question, Would you do any FLCL (Fooly Cooly) models soon?
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I don't know Fooly Cooly, so it's out of my plans...
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It a really good/weird anime. It only has 6 episode. If you like weird giant robots and picked hair chicks you might like it. I would recommend it 
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Ok, I'll give a look

I want buy saitama 3d obj file model 

I want that model that be connected with texture or Materials 

please fix a price. after you pay for that send model to my email ( 

I want pay for it with payfal 

I want you make a checkout page for me 

and send link to me 

please reply!

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What your price?
I would love to have this as an .obj or .stl to 3D print! Can you please upload the file? I'm dying!
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I only share the pdo file, but if you want the obj file we can negociate
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One puuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnch!

Tem a pretensão de disponibilizar para download? Ou somente commission?
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Ah cara... eu acabei deixando de lado o lance das commissions por falta de tempo e disposição, agora é só um hobby mesmo.
Então possivelmente vou disponibilizar todos os modelos que criar.
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Hi ! My friend 

i want Link to download plz TT
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link to download? :p
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