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Elemental Magic

The Deities








The Role Playing Group

Page Doll 02 by Ravica

Want to use your horse in a artistic RP environment full of mysterious creatures, elemental magic and adventures?
How about being a herd leader?
Or want to bring both a human and a horse?
Then check out The11Kingdoms RP!


Basic Info

Himera Commission by Mendokusee
Ravakins - a Closed Species!
Ravakins © Ravica 2015
Ravakins is closed species created and owned by Ravica since 2015.
You can not create your own design or claim ownership over the species.
You can not become a designer either, this species will be solely created by the founder.
You may however buy, trade, win or charm yourself to an existing design created by Ravica and nobody else.

Ravakins are mainly active on deviantArt.
If you use them outside dA, please link back to our group in credits.

Part of the system used in this group, for an example the LOG system, is highly inspired by amazing people known as Templado and serranef

No Registration!
All designs are automatically placed in group gallery before sold.
We do not ask for any type of registration, character reference or other stuff like that.

Once you buy a design, no matter the type of payment, that design belongs to you until you sell it ot gift it away.
It is up to the BUYER to make sure any design is valid and owned by the seller, before your purchase it.
Cheating does happen in online breeds, so always check the registered owner of each design on the deviation page.

No Activity Rules!
Once you buy a design, it is up to you when and where and how to use it. Basically.
The group has few guidelines to keep by, but activity is not one of them.
You still have all rights to a design even if you do not use it for 10 years ...

No Re-Clams on Designs!
This group may and will not re-claim designs.
Once you buy a design, that design is yours.
The group may exclude you from group activities and further purchased due to bad behavior, cheating etc.
But we will NOT reclaim any designs, neither will we refund any purchases since you keep the designs.
If you are excluded, you are welcome to sell the designs, mark them as deceased or simply put them in a dusty corner.

Private sellers has no re-claim rights according to group rules, as long as the sale took place with payment sorted according to agreement.
The group will also not act as a judge in private discussions and dissagreements. If something goes wrong, you have to sort it yourself.
So make sure both seller and buyer are clear on the deal and that payment has transferred before the design change owner.

Ravakins © Ravica 2015

Unika Designs

Unika Designs are special one-of-a-kind imports in fantasy colors and/or patterns. They usually do not resemble existing colors, patterns or mutations within the breed. But Unika horses also have no known genotypes and can NOT be bred, as they are STERILE. Most Unika designs are sold in point auction. Others are used as event prizes in The11Kingdoms


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