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R-505U escorts



Defending that R-505U no matter the cost...

Here, an UPEO fleet is escorting NUN/UPEO R-505U on its way to Snyder's Top, featuring S.A.R.F. squadron increasing thrust to engage a threat, while leaving the R-505U defense to the rest of the fleet. Also present, the Tanker's fleet from UPEO for those extra long flights that require fighters to always have more than 75% combat radius capability at any time from the main fleet location.

Before I made the UPEO EF2000E Typhoon II picture/fanart (which was the first picture I shared here), I made this to test out plenty of things, Iike depth of field, illumination effects, aircraft placement in the frame according to point of view, perspective, etc. Actually, the first version of this didn't had any afterburner effects or lights applied on it. As I learned more and more how to edit, then I kept adding few things to this.

The background picture is the same as the EF2000E fanart that I first published, which is a photo I took while flying in non-critical phases of a flight (I was cruising). The models are available thanks to Krishty's Model Viewer for AC3 files.
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