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Ace Combat 3 electrosphere HUD re-imagined.



"UPEO's S.A.R.F. squadron flying to a rendezvous point with their own personal tanker-transport somewhere in Usea..." (Note the flight-timer)

What if AC3 was remade today? Well, my main concern would be the story...I would wish they could do it with real happenings this time, instead of the simulator thing (because it doesn't add too much to Ace Combat lore).

Anyways, this is my idea of AC3 remake re-imagination. I made some changes to AC3 HUD to make it look a little bit closer to latest iterations of Ace Combat games, including a mix of what I saw in AC3 HUD remake in ACI. Also added contrails like when flying at high altitudes and took down the all time present afterburners from AC3 models (because aircraft aren't using afterburners all the time in real life).

Few changes are the use of smaller, cleaner fonts for numbers in speed indicator, altitude indicator, missile counter, damage indicator, and timer. Also I put speed and altitude indicators closer together to the center of the screen.

Aside from that, pretty much everything is in the same position as seen on AC3 cinematic scenes (two scenes feature the AC3 HUD, the R-505U scene in Scylla and Charybdis mission after you decide not to do anything, and in Bug Hunt mission, when Rena flies too close to the Nanobyte formation). I took as template the AC3 original HUD and used as reference the AC3-ACI HUD.

If there is ever a remake (which Mr. Kazutoki have said would be more difficult than remaking AC4-AC5-AC0) then I hope they decide to use AC3 HUD again with some tweaks.

As for the background, it is a picture of mine which I took when I was flying in non-critical phases of a flight. The aircraft models are actual models from AC3 game, rendered thanks to Krishty's Model Viewer for AC3 files. The textures for the EF2000E are higher resolution compared to the game's 256px-wide files (I remade them to 2046px wide). EK-17U and Su-37R textures are still low-res but given that they're far the viewer point of view, I didn't bother remaking them yet (Actually I just finished making the Su-37 textures yesterday). Also added missiles, fuel tanks, etc., to the aircraft models to put them on par to what we see now in Ace Combat Infinity.
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This makes me wish for an AC3 remaster with AC7-style grpahics