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What if Yuktobania use F-15S/MT+  Su-37 [Ver1.0] by RauuruKun What if Yuktobania use F-15S/MT+ Su-37 [Ver1.0] :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 16 0 R-352 and R-808 in Low Orbit by RauuruKun R-352 and R-808 in Low Orbit :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 12 6 Globemasters chasing sunset (V1.1) by RauuruKun Globemasters chasing sunset (V1.1) :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 32 3 GRDF B-1C Lancer II by RauuruKun GRDF B-1C Lancer II :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 12 0 R-352 Lift Off! -ACECOMBAT3- V1.0 by RauuruKun R-352 Lift Off! -ACECOMBAT3- V1.0 :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 11 0 Encounter in the Clouds - ACECOMBAT3 by RauuruKun Encounter in the Clouds - ACECOMBAT3 :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 14 1 Nordennavic XF/A-36A Game by RauuruKun Nordennavic XF/A-36A Game :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 16 2 What if Erusea used COFFIN tech by 2035? by RauuruKun What if Erusea used COFFIN tech by 2035? :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 18 0 R-102 - Aurelian Air Force Livery by RauuruKun R-102 - Aurelian Air Force Livery :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 20 1 Sphyrna-Class Specs and Typical Aircraft Capacity by RauuruKun Sphyrna-Class Specs and Typical Aircraft Capacity :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 26 2 UI-4053U Sphyrna Preview by RauuruKun UI-4053U Sphyrna Preview :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 14 2 Megafloat is under attack! (V1.1) by RauuruKun Megafloat is under attack! (V1.1) :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 23 4 AH-66B Comanche II rotor movement test by RauuruKun AH-66B Comanche II rotor movement test :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 12 0 V-22B UPEO livery -Prop Light/Movement Test- by RauuruKun V-22B UPEO livery -Prop Light/Movement Test- :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 13 0 GRDF F-16XF liveries by RauuruKun GRDF F-16XF liveries :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 12 0 F/A-32C, F-22C and XF/A-36A over Lambert Mountains by RauuruKun F/A-32C, F-22C and XF/A-36A over Lambert Mountains :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 23 2


Old School by Jetfreak-7 Old School :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 204 0 Yellows by Jetfreak-7 Yellows :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 128 0 Rubicon by TacoSauceNinja Rubicon :icontacosauceninja:TacoSauceNinja 206 3 Textile mill by gallant11101110 Textile mill :icongallant11101110:gallant11101110 57 2 Ace Combat 3 - F-22C Raptor II by Jetfreak-7 Ace Combat 3 - F-22C Raptor II :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 225 0


What if Yuktobania use F-15S/MT+ Su-37 [Ver1.0]
Here is my take on Yuktobanian F-15S/MT+ Eagle and Su-37 Super Flanker. I imagine that even though Strangereal corporations are on the rise of power by 2030, there are still countries maintaining their own defense forces (especially after the events of AC7).

So, after all that happened in AC7, we know that at least no country has disappeared yet but the future is uncertain with the loss of tons of satellites, so geopolitical tensions could be high on the sky.

And yes, I know it's been a while. Got myself busy (once again). But I'm still planning to do more fanarts based in AC3 with my 'What If...' series.

I wanted to see more countries and flags being showcased in AC7 but that wasn't the case, so I might have to continue working with the currently identified countries within Strangereal.
R-352 and R-808 in Low Orbit
''R-352 about to begin 2nd phase of an experimental space flight. 1st phase consisted on approaching and refueling at Neucom Low Orbit Space Station (LOSS).

The Sepia is able to decelerate, change orbit and accelerate in a short amount of time, albeit with a high fuel consumption. In All-range Combat Mode, the Sepia is only able to sustain maximum performance for 3 minutes before being forced to change to Re-entry Mode. In order to maximize endurance, trials has taken place to attach the R-352 to Neucom LOSS and refuel in orbit to allow multiple sorties without having to re-enter the atmosphere, possibly seeking the option to keep several R-352 stationed in orbit, while pilots are rotated via R-808 flights.

Initial trials for using Tele-existence on R-352s resulted in the loss of two starfighters while in combat mode despite the deployment of additional dedicated In-sat-net satellites modified for orbital use. Plans to use pilots instead while they're stationed for long period of time in orbit will depend on the success of the consecutives refueling operations in space.''

2018 has come to an end. So I decided to make a fanart before the year ends.

For this fan-art I had to make the planet and stars from scratch. The space station is made of parts of the satellites 3D models seen in "Zero Gravity'' mission from Ace Combat 3 electrosphere.

Once again, Thanks to Krishty for his Model Viewer for Ace Combat 3 game files.

Lets see what 2019 brings! Happy New Year!
Globemasters chasing sunset (V1.1)

"C-17U in the Multi-role Tanker configuration traveling alongside another C-17U for a provisional transfer to Verusea from Aurelia. UPEO as a whole only has 10 KC-17U for their dedicated MRT (Multi-Role Tanker) squadrons. With certain modifications, a normal C-17U can be converted to the KC-17U specification and back in a matter of days. Given that UPEO operates more than 20 C-17U in their Strategic Lift Role, converting a normal C-17U doesn't represent a huge loss in the Heavy Air Lift capabilities of the universal peacekeeping and monitoring operations. The reconfiguration mainly involves replacing one of the rear cargo doors, adapting an Integrated Refueling Module that is fixed into position inside the main cargo hold and when needed, adapting up to two refueling pods on the wings housing the probe and drogue.

Flying Alongside them, one SARF squadron comprised of Su-37 Super Flankers and another one consisting of EF-2000E Typhoon mainline fighters"


It's been a while, huh?

I have been a little bit busy for a while, but I have found some free time and decided to give it a try and make some fanarts. This time I featured AC3 KC-17U models chasing the sun together with some Su-37s and EF-2000Es.

In-game, UPEO uses C-17 Globemaster for their refueling missions and has named it as KC-17U. Now, in-game, there is a little discrepancy and we find both EK-17U and KC-17U IDs for what seems to be the same type of aircraft, but officially, at least on paper work and in-game model viewer, the actual term is KC-17U.

In my iterations of AC3 fanarts, UPEO uses the C-17U for many things, but there are some squadrons that have their C-17U painted in a livery similar to that of the Su-43 Berkut and they're assigned to some SARF squadrons, specially those equipped with Su-37s and Su-43s.

Some of you may notice that these two C-17U are pretty much the same ones I did some lighting test a few months ago. I got some aircraft ready to be featured in fanarts but simply cannot find enough time to make them.



This fanart features an entirely made up background. I'm not at that level where I can make mountains, buildings or coastlines, but will see what I can do in the future. Before I have featured photos of mine, renderings from NASA as backgrounds and then added weather effects. If the composition allows then somtimes I feature parts of Ace Combat 3 scenarios together with my landscapes like I did on that fanart about R-103s flying above Megafloat and Neucom Aircraft Carrier Fleet.

Starting on my next fanart, I will use the new version of Lean Viewer made available thanks to Krishty. There are some corrections to the models but more importantly, now we can disable lighting effects and render the models with Anti-aliasing so we can make fanarts featuring different kind of shadow positioning.

Also, I will start practicing some minor modifications to the models in Blender. The main modifications I'm seeking to do are, deleting rotor blades on models like the V-22B, RAH-66B, R-701... Making the engines from the V-22B rotate from vertical flight to cruise flight mode. Deleting some parts to make it easier to have the RAH-66B and R-701 tail rotor appear to move.

But most importantly, I'm seeking to smooth out the curves from the models. Basically I will try to increase the polygon count as to make them more detailed. So far I have been doing my fanarts in 4K resolution but I have been resizing them down to 1080p due to the low polygon count of the 3D models from AC3. If I can, I will make the curves smoother and make the flight controls extend or move from their position.

At some point, I will add OAT probes, AOA vanes, Pitot-Tubes, antennas and other details seen in the Official Art (the Su-37 featured in the Press Kit is highly detailed). One of my ultimate goals would be to be able to add Landing Gear and to make my own scenarios (for example, make the hangar seen in some of the videos from the game, like the EF-2000E sitting inside a hangar with a big UPEO logo behind).

It will be a lot of work to make it happen, but there are exciting times coming for sure.

If I can get a drawing pad, then I will transition to more hand drawn scenarios but the 3D models will stay for sure as it makes perspective depiction and proportion easy to work with (especially on airplanes like the Su-43 with its forward swept wings)

So while I practice with Blender, I will continue using Lean Viewer for my fanarts. Until then, will see you next time!


V1.1 changes:
- Noticed a little bit late how boxy the forward fuselage top section of both C-17U looked like, so I decided to make the curve more constant and smoother. This includes the highlights in the borders.
- Decreased overall shadow levels a bit.
GRDF B-1C Lancer II
AC3 features only one dedicated bomber in the entire game, the Lancer II. In-game it is used by General Resource Defense Force. Here I reimagined it in Have Glass V alike livery with SD markings (Sandbury Desert GRDF Air Base, fictional) to match the other aircraft liveries I have made so far that also feature similar livery when based at SD GRB.

This is probably the only swing wing aircraft in AC3 but the model doesn't move the wings. They remained in-game fixed at high-speed mode (Never saw it in the landing config/slow speed).

R-352 Lift Off! -ACECOMBAT3- V1.0
NEU Launch Control
<<"We'll commence the launch before we're attacked">>

Ace Combat 3 saw the first ever space combat mission ever in Strangereal universe. For that particular space mission, we were able to get our hands on the first ever Star Fighter, the Neucom R-352 Sepia.

The mission we used it on was very short and quite easy to be honest. But that is to be expected given this was the first ever space combat and the enemy were just some satellites (although they prove to be quite deadly if not dealt appropriately).

For this particular fanart I decided to use the original booster for the R-352 after I noticed it was there among the files supplied by Krishty Model Viewer for Ace Combat 3 files. In a concept art related to this spacecraft, we can see that the R-352 was originally called R-302 and the booster itself was a little bit different to the version we got in the actual game (it had an additional set of stabilizers).

All Neucom spacecraft are launched from the renovated Comona Island Space Center which has 5 launch sites, all of them below ground level.


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