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GRDF B-1C Lancer II by RauuruKun GRDF B-1C Lancer II :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 6 0 R-352 Lift Off! -ACECOMBAT3- V1.0 by RauuruKun R-352 Lift Off! -ACECOMBAT3- V1.0 :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 8 0 Encounter in the Clouds - ACECOMBAT3 by RauuruKun Encounter in the Clouds - ACECOMBAT3 :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 8 0 Nordennavic XF/A-36A Game by RauuruKun Nordennavic XF/A-36A Game :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 7 2 What if Erusea used COFFIN tech by 2035? by RauuruKun What if Erusea used COFFIN tech by 2035? :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 10 0 R-102 - Aurelian Air Force Livery by RauuruKun R-102 - Aurelian Air Force Livery :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 13 1 Sphyrna-Class Specs and Typical Aircraft Capacity by RauuruKun Sphyrna-Class Specs and Typical Aircraft Capacity :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 16 0 UI-4053U Sphyrna Preview by RauuruKun UI-4053U Sphyrna Preview :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 7 2 Megafloat is under attack! (V1.1) by RauuruKun Megafloat is under attack! (V1.1) :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 18 4 AH-66B Comanche II rotor movement test by RauuruKun AH-66B Comanche II rotor movement test :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 8 0 V-22B UPEO livery -Prop Light/Movement Test- by RauuruKun V-22B UPEO livery -Prop Light/Movement Test- :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 9 0 GRDF F-16XF liveries by RauuruKun GRDF F-16XF liveries :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 8 0 F/A-32C, F-22C and XF/A-36A over Lambert Mountains by RauuruKun F/A-32C, F-22C and XF/A-36A over Lambert Mountains :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 13 2 F-16XF Gyrfalcon (Have Glass V color scheme) by RauuruKun F-16XF Gyrfalcon (Have Glass V color scheme) :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 13 0 UPEO KC-17U Preview by RauuruKun UPEO KC-17U Preview :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 9 2 GRDF Aircrafts by RauuruKun GRDF Aircrafts :iconrauurukun:RauuruKun 10 0


Rubicon by TacoSauceNinja Rubicon :icontacosauceninja:TacoSauceNinja 199 3 Textile mill by gallant11101110 Textile mill :icongallant11101110:gallant11101110 56 2 Ace Combat 3 - F-22C Raptor II by Jetfreak-7 Ace Combat 3 - F-22C Raptor II :iconjetfreak-7:Jetfreak-7 215 0


GRDF B-1C Lancer II
AC3 features only one dedicated bomber in the entire game, the Lancer II. In-game it is used by General Resource Defense Force. Here I reimagined it in Have Glass V alike livery with SD markings (Sandbury Desert GRDF Air Base, fictional) to match the other aircraft liveries I have made so far that also feature similar livery when based at SD GRB.

This is probably the only swing wing aircraft in AC3 but the model doesn't move the wings. They remained in-game fixed at high-speed mode (Never saw it in the landing config/slow speed).

R-352 Lift Off! -ACECOMBAT3- V1.0
NEU Launch Control
<<"We'll commence the launch before we're attacked">>

Ace Combat 3 saw the first ever space combat mission ever in Strangereal universe. For that particular space mission, we were able to get our hands on the first ever Star Fighter, the Neucom R-352 Sepia.

The mission we used it on was very short and quite easy to be honest. But that is to be expected given this was the first ever space combat and the enemy were just some satellites (although they prove to be quite deadly if not dealt appropriately).

For this particular fanart I decided to use the original booster for the R-352 after I noticed it was there among the files supplied by Krishty Model Viewer for Ace Combat 3 files. In a concept art related to this spacecraft, we can see that the R-352 was originally called R-302 and the booster itself was a little bit different to the version we got in the actual game (it had an additional set of stabilizers).

All Neucom spacecraft are launched from the renovated Comona Island Space Center which has 5 launch sites, all of them below ground level.
Encounter in the Clouds - ACECOMBAT3
Decided to do something overnight after I completed remaking the textures for the XF/A-36A Game model (available thanks to Krishty Model Viewer for AC3 game files).

At first wanted to do something similar to the AC04 art of Mobius 1 F-22 flying past Yellow 13 Su-37. Then at some point changed plans and while the essence is there, I decided to add more aircraft to it.

Aircraft featured are the F-22C Raptor II in Have Glass V livery, XF/A-36A Game in Normal GRDF colors, and two R-103 Delphinus#3 in normal NEU colors.

I got two backgrounds ready but haven't decided yet what I'm going to feature in it. (one of them will have the Sphyrna in my version of UPEO livery for it but have yet to decide what aircraft and how I'm going to feature them).

Also finished remaking a livery for the Su-37 from AC3 in new Erusea Air Force colors (similar to the Su-30M2 livery seen on some released art for AC7). Got an idea for it.
Nordennavic XF/A-36A Game
Decided to make a livery for the XF/A-36A in what I think better represents the Royal Nordennavic Air Force colors (taking as a reference the colors seen in Ace Combat Northern Wings mobile phone game). Changed the exhaust afterburner colors (AC3 default is yellow) and remade the whole textures (including access panels, formation light LEDs, COFFIN panels and colors).

The Kingdom of Nordennavic is in my opinion, one of the most mysterious countries within Strangereal's Earth. If we take some bits from Ace Combat Northern Wings (and ignore the inconsistencies in the plot of this mobile game when compared to the plot from the main games), we can say that this country is playing the Puppeteer or God role for their own interests.

If it is true that the Kingdom of Nordennavic involves special units into several conflicts around Strangereal's Earth to alter the course of history by executing covert ops, then we can say for sure that they're a force to be reckoned. While Osea plays a similar role to Nordennavic by getting involved in many conflicts as the "police of the world", Nordennavic takes it a step further by doing so in secretive ways just to maintain their "neutrality", while Osea does it for their own interests without any neautrality in mind.

I hope we get to play a game where Nordennavic gets involved in a conflict and has to show up their true colors.

Once again, this fanart was made possible thanks to Krishty Model Viewer for Ace Combat 3 game files. The flag was available in AC6 website and the roundel was made by me using as a reference the UK Royal Air Force roundel and Nordennavic flag colors (added some laurels to match the flag)
What if Erusea used COFFIN tech by 2035?
AC3 plot can be considered non-canon (everything that happened within the simulations), but the base story is canon for sure and the possibility of having any outcome from the simulation becoming a reality is very likely...unless the simulations themselves opens another path. The actual happenings.

Now, while Neucom and General Resource took over the world (or at least Usea), I could imagine governments still functioning and existing. Just that they're not as capable of shifting the world economy as they were able before. (Hence, the existence of UPEO, the armed forces from the Neo United Nations). So if the NUN exists, then there must be nations to begin with.

So, taking this into account, I can imagine the Kingdom of Erusea (previously known as Federal Republic of Erusea) as an existing nation, provided that it doesn't get wiped out in AC7.

If Erusea still existed, we could affirm they would continue to operate Flankers from 2020 and beyond. So I reimagined the AC04 non-SP Erusea skin for the Su-37 and put it into an airframe resembling the Su-35. In my case I simply took the Su-37 airframe from AC3 game files available thanks to Krishty Model Viewer and removed the canards in Photoshop.

Now, why would Erusea pick up COFFIN tech?

There are some benefits of using it. First of them, you can make the whole surface with RAM (radar-absorbent material). You can reinforce the cockpit, get a 360 view outside the aircraft (and replace the info provided with IR imagery for improved sight in certain scenario, or overlay the view with data), and finally, you can use a common interface among many aircraft.

Next up, F-15S/MT+ in Emmeria colors (or might modify the S/MT+ to make it look like a normal F-15).


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