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"Look, sister! We made our moon better! Surely ponies will come to like the night now. Oh, maybe they'll like it more, love even, if we bring the moon here!"

This is how I like to imagine how her fall began. Trying to fix her night with lunatic (haw) fervour. And it's a slippery slope from there.

Nope, not played Majora's Mask, never. Nopey dopey. Not me.
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not the best approach, but not like celestia gave any advice
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 Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye
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It remind me majora's mask
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How dare you not playing Majora's Mask and still drawing
an amazing artwork that is referring to it? XD
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NOOO LUNA DONT GO DOWN THIS PATH YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR !!! "o and link your so screwed if lunas the one crashing the moon onto termina it an't no easy battle compared to skull kid ITS A FRICKIN ALICORN WHO WILL MURDER YOU AND LAUGH ABOUT IT"
 no chocolate?! I undertale chara icon Rainbow Dash Shocked (Emoticon) Lunaala Avatar (free to use) Serena Is Disturbed Pokemon XYZ Silver Emoticon HOLY SHIT icon [10] HOLY SHIT icon [10] HOLY SHIT icon [10] Dimensional Scream Human Pinkie Pie Huh? Emoticon. Shocked Shinx Human Fluttershy How Awful Emoticon. 
also #princesslunaandlunalabestbuddies4ever  dont worry luna lunala is your friend and will help your plan to crash the moon but solgeo and celestria on the other hand ....."hey listen!La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la " "shut up navi no one likes you STFU you idiot! I am PISSED OFF!                        Herr Llama EmperorI'm on fire!  Herr Llama Emperor " 
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Thanks for the faves. :)
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Wasn't there something like that in Double Rainboom?
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O.O' um ....... *internally screams*
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Playing a bit much Zelda?
*reads description*
eyup... not hard to figure that one out^^
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"Let’s play hero against villain, sister."

(Gives Celestia the Elements)

"Are you ready? You’re the villain. And when you’re the villain, you just run. That’s fine, right?"

(Goes full Nightmare Moon)

"Well… shall we play?"
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got here from this…

it linked your art

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Woah, I keep finding my stuff in youtube songs that I don't even know about O_o

Glad ya like it tho!
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The description makes it all the more perfect.

Seriously... Humanahumanahumana...
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Well who wouldn't like the moon, especially if it's standing on top of you?

And what the heck is that D:
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thehehehe..... would be great stuff for a new Episode :D
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That's a missed opportunity right there if they don't do it
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