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sumo amalgamate

By raun
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ok, so the day arrives when I submit a sportsphoto :lol: I would never have thought it possible. Well, ~neis69 and I went to see Sumowrestling. Very strange sport, with long preparations before each fight, which then in return is over before it begins. Maybe because I rarely looked outside the viewfinder, I still dont exactly get this sport, but it was funny to watch. I liked this particular photo, because it captures the two wrestlers in an impossible pose, frozen completely intermingled and off balance, splitseconds before they both slam, face first, into the floor. I dont know if its obvious who won, so I'll leave that up to you to guess ;-)
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The moment is perfect, the focus is perfect, the picture is perfect =)
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thank you :-)
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i don't like that the referee's hat is blending into the crowd. but still a fav!
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Incredible shot. I think you really captured the essence of the sport in this.
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I meant to say the guy on the right :paranoid: The one with his leg in the air!
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Lmao! Love it! I bet the guy on the left lost ;p
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Wow! This is so dynamic! It really captures the heat of the moment, and it's a beautiful thing that you caught it when you did. I must say, I have no idea who won, but this is crazy to look at. I must say, the expressions in the background are as priceless as the pose. I love seeing the various reactions: the dropping jaws, the smiles, the person holding up a video camera..
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thats a great photo - i love how it seems frozen you can anticipate how hard they are going to fall
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hey great shot... the black and white, the frozen action... everything seems to hang in the air as we wait for time to go on

hope to see more..
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Wow, this is a great photo!:love:

Yes, Sumo has a looong preperation because it used to be a sacred ceremony to entertain Japanese gods:D That's the reason why the judge is in the same uniform with Shintoh priests also. And, because of the origin, there are a lot of small rules around the sport such as women never can get on the ring and they never wash their loincloth and etc etc...

Again, grrrrreat photo!:D
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Been a while since I saw some Sumo on ESPN. Awesome sport.
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Your timing was perfect! *obviously* :D

Even though I used to live in Japan, I never was able to see a real bout, but I bet it would be entertaining.

The wrestler's hand which is about to touch the mat will cost him the match.

Kudos to your photography skills,
evilsyndicatemember's avatar
Fantastic B&W tones and awesome contrast! Keep it up! :D
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cool photo!
the face expressions in the back are priceless :XD:
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that dude is gonna have a mega headache in the morning..
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Great moment captured :)
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One word: art.
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quite impressive!!
great moment! ;)
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Hee, I remember that match; nice to come across that moment captured so beautifully. :D
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That's great. Nice timing. Thanks for sharing.

Instant fav! :+fav: :)
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