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I wanna wake up, its a nightmare..
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Artwork is great!
Hello Raun,
You portfolio is very interesting! Very beautiful photos, 'cause they really have a kind of passion and mood attached in.
"Escapism" is one of my favorites and I would like to use it in my band's MySpace profile.
So, what about the copyrights?

Feel free to contact me at
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Hi and thanks for your kind work. I'm happy you like my gallery!

Regarding copyrights: The days when I just gave away my work, are over, especially work that is sort of signature work, and the ladder-series is that kind of work for me. Like you & your band wouldnt forever perform for free, I also dont work for free anymore. I've invested alot of time (and money) in photography & equipment and nothing comes for free. Hope you are cool with that ;-)

Best of luck to you and your band.
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Touche :) good work!
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absulutly stunning...
i dont know why, but someway i like this pic.

how did u do this?
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This piece has been featured here: [link] :heart:
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Love it...!!
but, perhaps a silly question, how did you manage to get the stair in that way??? :o
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i think its two photos, theres a beach pic and a ladder pic and the ladder is against a wall and the reason i say this is because you can see the flatness texture of a wall in the blue...if you look it looks like the water line makes the bottom of a wall lol.
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o.O!!... woO.. that's pretty cool...
but even knowing the secret, I still like it a lot!! :giggle:
Lolita-FairyQueen's avatar
Yeah, its wonderfully done :D
starg691's avatar
I mean ladder :XD: my english it's starting to run out...
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It’s interesting!
Awesome colors too.
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i would like to find a way for go to the heaven like this..great job..
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Wonderful idea.
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I wonder where the ladder is headed to....

I liked the oddness of this .... i mean a ladder in a beach?...
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I wish this was available in a postcard *hint hint*
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We all want to escape every now and then. I really like the concept of this.
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