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Windows 7 Default Login

VERSION 3.10: [link]

Last Update: in 01/29/2009
Changelog of 7 Default Login 2.0
NEW! Version WideScreen added
Fixed bug shutdown button not displayed
Password box fixed
Text "Welcome" in pt-br version change to "Bem-vindo"
Language button in top
Windows 7 Ultimate logo update to same image of Windows 7 build 7000

Setup Windows Logon UI

Navigate to WideScreen or Normal Screen and copy the file logonUI.exe.
Navigate to \WINDOWS\Resources and create folder with name LOGON and place logonUI.exe in this folder.
Copy the reg's files do \WINDOWS\Resources\Logon files and click in setup_logonui.reg, click in Yes and Ok and Log of. ;)
To restore the logon original patch the reg restore_logonui.reg. :)

(C) [link], 2008.
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were is widescreen?