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Algunos de ustedes saben que también trabajo para Marvel como colorista, pero para los que aún no han visto mi trabajo, me gustaría compartirles mi mas reciente trabajo de color. El arte de este cómic la mueve muy cabrón y estará a la venta el 27 de agosto de este año. ¡¡¡Cómprenlooo!!!

Some of you now that I work at Marvel as a colorist but for the one's that haven't seen my work there I would like to share with you the most recent color work that I did there. The art really kick ass, and this will be in stores on august 27th.

Ghost Rider Annual: Mercy#2
Pencils: Mark Robinson
Colors: ME!
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Tengo este cómic, adoro las series de Ghost Rider

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"Y dicen que tengo mal genio!" She-Hulk

Està requetefantàstico!

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is this from a comic?
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he should make a forest fire after this.
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me: *watches shyly from the shadows*
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Bystanders: " EEK!! I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!! "

Ghostrider: " Is it cold here or is just me being to hot? " ( *g* )

Anyway ^^ epic Picture :D
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Hi I have featured ur work in my blog:)
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Woaah! thank you so much for the diffusion. I really appreciated it. :)
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welcome! cool work:)
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Ghost Rider is the S#!T Best Marvel character EVER!

but has any one other than me wondered "what if he has to pee while his on fire?" XD
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Hahaha, that could be awesome to see.
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My question has been answered!!!! I know how Ghost Rider pees!!!! ....... Actually i know how Vengeance pees but same baisic principal.

It like this, he unzip pants, then its FLAME THROWER!!! The guy pees freakin' fire!!!!!!! BEST MARVLE CHARCTER EVER!!! XDDDDD

Btw: Saw it on the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance trailer on YouTube.
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Oooh, that's true! hahaha!
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Te quedo fregon Rulo....!!!!!!!!!!!!SaLu2
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Look at the kid standing up XD
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really really amazing
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Haha, it looks epic! After seeing the movie I really want to read to CBs, I don't have the money to by them though saddly :/ Anyways, awesome work!
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No worries and Thanks!
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you're welcome! XD
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wow yo le puse plastas stoy contento sip...
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