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1.- If you're interested send me a note or an e-mail to
and tell me what you have in mind. (Please serious job offers. Requests, spam or "please draw me
something for free" will be banned)
You can also send me some references or links with images that you think
could be useful.

I reserve the right to decline a commission if the theme doesn't interest me.
The price is settled according to these guidelines:


2.- The payment is done before i start the painting. Why?
Because i´ve had issues in the past with commissioners
that didn't pay. I put my time to make your commission,
and I have to be sure to get paid and don´t get that time
wasted when I was able to do other commission.

I accept Western Union, Xoom and Paypal
(in case that you choose paypal)
Quick note, i´ll charge the fee transaction
you can calculate the fee on or…

(i.e sending 
the amount that will go to fees is 
$3.00 and the recipient(me) will receive $47.00.
3 USD going to fees, effectively.)

3.- Once I get the payment, i'll ask for your e-mail
for sending you a proposal sketch and the final artwork later.
All commissions are NON-refundable.

4.- The artwork is property of the commissioner,
for the use that the commissioner wants
(except profit and commercial use).
The commission will be shown in a smaller version in my gallery for portfolio use.

5.- You´ll receive an image of 7087px x 5315px at 300 dpi
(60 cm x 45cm or 23,623 inches x 17,717 inches)
You´ll get a copy in JPG and PNG format.

6.- Depending on the type of work that you ask,
It may take 1 to 3 weeks to finish the artwork.
Also if I have other commissioned work before yours,
i´ll start your work after I finish the previous one.

Mini F.A.Q

1.- Do you draw hentai/hardcore images?
Futa/Dickgirls, Rape, Yaoi, Loli, Guro/Vore,
Scat, Furries (Tails and Ears are ok)

2.- Do you take free requests or art-trades?
I dont´t take free requests.
An art trade may be possible if i like the style of the artist

3.- Do you make special prices for a large
amount of commissions?
Yes, A special price can be discussed for a big number of commissions by person.
BoXGirlVivi Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can i do AT with you...? :'0

I'd love to ask for a commission but sadly i can't because i can't send the money for now's a really really huge numbers for me as a student ( um,even tho I'm not a student it's still expensive ) qwq

if you're okay with AT, I'll send you the pics of my Creepypasta Oc quq
raulovsky Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
sorry but commissions are part of my income, and I can´t work for free or to be paid later. Hope you understand.
BoXGirlVivi Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it is okay ....quq
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July 15, 2010


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