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June 11, 2010
"For our Soviet native land not to a step back"
Suggester says, "KPRF seems to a the communist party in Russia: and the title of the deviation points to a meeting (not miting) of that party. I don't know what kind of meeting happens in the street, but to me that is more of a concentration, demonstration, march etc. and what I love about it is the vivacity of the colours and how it is framed so that I can feel my eyes running around the picture from the foreground to the background while appreciating all the details of the photo. The symmetry, the contrasts, the webs in the sky, the people all aligned... I honestly don't know what could make it better.
KPRF Miting in Russia by ~RauchBleich

[Photojournalism / Political]
Please do not politicise this DD
Featured by Timothy-Sim
Suggested by Helewidis
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CPRF meeting in Russia


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Image details
Image size
4200x2836px 2.52 MB
Canon EOS 5D
Shutter Speed
1/332 second
Focal Length
24 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 9, 2009, 11:28:32 AM
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Danutza88's avatar
Hello!:) This photo was featured here: [link] :huggle:
gydrop's avatar
сочный красный цвет 5+
RauchBleich's avatar
спасибо ^^
gydrop's avatar
фотошопом обрабатывали?
RauchBleich's avatar
обычно я им не пользуюсь. только цветокоррекция малясь
4eburashka's avatar
Ура , товарищи ! :-)
RezzanATAKOL's avatar
Congratilations on the DD:heart:
PorkySux's avatar

они даже не заслуживают время которое я мог бы потратить на их оскорблние
RauchBleich's avatar
Я понимаю, у каждого должно быть мнение насчет определенных полит. организация, но здесь не выборы. Выставляя фото сюда, я рассчитываю на конструктивную оценку работы, а не коммунистов, ибо сама к ним не имею никакого отношения.
Когда фото выбирали на DD, в описании сделали оговорку, просьбу не политизировать фото, почему вас так тянет пообсуждать политику?!
PorkySux's avatar
прости, это в крови
RauchBleich's avatar
Fl3xo's avatar
Сразу Россия узнается
RauchBleich's avatar
спасибо = D
i-am-yaser's avatar
концентрированно красно..
RauchBleich's avatar
думаю, это неплохой комплимент=)
zzarzz's avatar
А мы такие родились на свете!....
Ой, что это я?) Хы, наверно дух работы заставил меня спеть) Работа получилась шикарная просто прям 5+)
RauchBleich's avatar
большое спасибище, я ей уже горжусь)
fading-justice's avatar
So, does this mean that the local Communist party is gaining swift power?
If so, is it a bad thing?
I tend to think it is a bad thing.. There will always be rich and poor... just never in the monetary value like the system means to equalize..
RauchBleich's avatar
Im not sure, that I understood you.
This party in contemporary political system has no influence. This miting is taking part in holiday (9th of May) like a show for the most part. People see they and its like nostalgia at most. But in elections of parties old people and veterans of War votes for they, because its there`s youth. But communists will never get much voices.
fading-justice's avatar
Ahhhh ok, I understand.

I was under the impression, that this was some form of uprising, lol.

I guess I can appreciate some celebrating of the older days.

Besides i got a Russian rifle from 1943, Mosin Nagant. Its a wonderful rifle, so simple and easy too.

also i have bits of uniform from that era as well, real good for reenacting.
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