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trippy psychedelic 2d fractal morph 01 d

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editing software i used:

paint.net, winmorph, blender.


a collaboration between myself and astra888leddher:


how to enable looping of videos on da:

right mouse click on the full screen video and a popup menu gives the option.

technically, this is how my video clips are intended to be viewed, as playing them just once through is not nearly as effective, or powerful. since the hypnotic effect relies on many repetitions. be warned though. you might lose track of time or experience other side effects.
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Fukn amazing!!!love em all! Thank u
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thank you very much, that's good to hear.

another da psy artist named smooothe and myself are going to be collaborating on the next music video in the near future. so that's something to watch out for, especially as i'll be uploading a lot of test clips from that project.
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SmoootheHobbyist Filmographer
another really awesome one. cheers, mate!
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thanks smooothe.
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RAMWOC87Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow that was gorgeous.
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thanks for the feedback.
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RAMWOC87Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome ^ ^
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he he, i'm glad you're enjoying this one.

i'm currently working on some 3d versions of these (mapping the 2d morphs onto 3d deforming surfaces) and the results are rather mind bending, stay tuned, he he.
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crazyruthie Traditional Artist
hi ratty! this is awesome! do you have trouble getting people to click on the thumb since it's a film and not something you can look at and glance away? and it must be even harder to get people to keep looking at it when they see how long it is? (long being a subjective length...i'm sure it didn't seem short when you were creating it!

it's beautiful and very trippy. can you explain a little more what the process is, or how it was a collabortion...what did you start with from him? 

blue pixel rat baby 
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p.s i forgot to mention, paint.net was used to scale the stills to fit my morph editing project. and i used it to do some subtle manipulations like center some of the images, and push a few pixel around, which would then make animating them easier.

but most of the work was done in winmorph and blender, both of which are legally free to download. although do require a steep learning curve, for which there are video tutorials on youtube that can help us learn those editors.
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hi ruthie,

all good questions my friend. and i hadn't previously thought that this video format might deter some users, or fail to attract others. maybe i could also convert some of these into animated .gif's i'll look into that.

did you know, that in full screen the da video player can be set to loop? ...that might not be something that most users are aware of?

so in this sense the above video, like most of mine, can be left playing for hours on end, if someone really wanted to watch them for that long, he he.

similar to the thelma collaboration, i started off with 4 still fractal renders from astra. then used a 2d facial morphing editor, similar to what was used to transform people's faces into werewolves etc in hollywood films. that created about 1,000 in between frames of animation, which i then edited together in blender's video sequence editor, and post processed the video in blender's node editor to add the color cycling.

here's the stills that astra let me work with:




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crazyruthie Traditional Artist
wow, that's a lot to think about!

i didn't know you could watch it on an infinite loop?!! i will definitely do that with this! it would be the ultra trippy thing to watch whilst baked! i *think* we talked about something like ocd or being on the spectrum, or ADHD? i'm pretty sure i told you i was BPD. I'm OCD too. i adore repetition! that would be especially good since it's short.

i don't think most people know that, especially people who aren't very technical.
if i were you, i'd say stuff like that in the artist's comments. i'd explain a lot of things and make it seem really fun. people who don't know the techie stuff might be put off because it all looks unfamiliar. to be honest, i was. if you could get the psychedelic people to pay attention, it could really take off!is unusual and so creative!

i don't know where i got this, but is a video toaster like what a blender is? it's cool to hear about how that was done in movies.

i wonder... if you morph stills together to make an animation, could you do something like that with traditional art as the stills?
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yes ruthie, right click on the full screen playback and a popup menu gives the looping option. there is a very slight jolt when it restarts but it shouldn't break the immersion too much.

those are some of the main things i consider when developing these, so please do tell me how effective it was for you? he he.

i too am clinically ocd, which helps with the amount of repetitious work that goes into these technical projects.

just watching them back (while not under the influence) i often loose track of time, especially when listening to hypnotic music as well. this and the thelma ones are also quite calming in a wired way, i think.

and they are magnitudes more powerful when looped. so i probably should start including that in the description, thanks for the suggestion ruthie.

regarding the video toaster hardware and software, yes there are a couple of editors built into the blender software for working with videos in a similar way.

although most blender artists mainly use the 3d modeling editors in blender. it's actually about 5 or 6 different editors all packaged together, which makes learning it very complicated.

yes, in theory winmorph and other 2d morphing editors can take any still images and create transitions between them.

if we don't create any morphing shapes or control points in the editor, then the images are just faded together similar to a slide show.

traditionally the artist would trace around the features of a person's face or some other object of interest, then distort that to fit another object in the next image. the editor then works out the in between frames, creating the animation.

i just used abstract shapes when creating these morphs, so those invisible shapes that move around in the editor don't actually align with the features of the images, it's more coincidental (and trial and error) when the result looks like it's intended, he he.

here's a youtube video tutorial by a friend of mine that shows the principles.

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Кислоты хочу!
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he he, if google translate is working, thanks and i'm glad you like it.
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alexdubbeatHobbyist Digital Artist
Trippy! :D
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he he, thanks.
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golem1Professional Digital Artist
Some fanstastic effects.

Not like my dreams, but vaguely like a migraine aura, only those aren't symmetric at all.
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thanks very much golem, and interesting.
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I have dreams like this
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he he, cool, thanks bear.

i technically struggled with this one for a few days. however, it turned out better than i thought it would. and i'm now finding it fun to watch.

thanks again to astra for letting me manipulate his abstract fractals.
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