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centerstrain and garrett 2d morph



fan art 2d facial morph, between the youtube stealth master, walkthrough player centerstrain and thief's garrett.

editing software used:

photoshop,, winmorph, blender.


1. original character by square enix and eidos.

2. digital portrait by the very talented kejablank:

3. photomanip and animation by ratty redemption.

4. centerstrain's thief 4 playlist:…
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here's the centerstrain tribute video (featuring the facial morph) that his real life friend morgan recently finished editing:…

for anyone not yet familiar with strain, he's considered one of the most dedicated and patient, stealth video game players on youtube. plus he's a really down to earth guy. his actually day job is a drummer in the american army, including teaching other musicians how to play music, even in the middle of war torn countries.

yes, i'm aware a few people will hate on him for various reasons. but if you watch his walkthroughs, you'll see how calm, respectful and intelligent he is. i personally think we need more people like him representing the west while over in other people's territories. so i'm proud to be a supporter of his youtube channel. i'm looking forward to the next mile stone we can celebrate, hopefully within the next year or two he will reach 200,000 subscribers.