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Popeye punching Bluto

We did this watercolor and some others for ebay this week:…
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Get him, Popeye!
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I'm a huge fan of E.C. Segar's original Popeye strips, and this just made my day :)
To give Popeye facial hair (yes, he would not regularly shave, would he?) and both him and Bluto hairy arms is just an awesome idea - but Olive hits the spot! Turning her not just super sexy, but giving her that I-don't-give-a-damn attitude is pure genius. Love it :)
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LOL Thanks sathom. Craig Yoe at Yoe Books/IDW commissioned me to do a variant cover for his Bud Sangeroff(sp?) reprints and this was an extension of the idea.
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I see. Well, awesome work! :)
Hm, I guess it's Bud Sagendorf, who took over the strip after Segar died. He's a classic in his own right, too. :)
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I see Drinking a gallon of Concentrated spinach infused Pau de Arko tea has finally benefited Miss Oil.
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Just like old times=)
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perfect dude!!!
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Well blow me down this is absolutely awesome!
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That is the best Olivia I've ever seen!
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Hah, oh man... I miss old cartoons!
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You draw a great Popeye ...and Bluto ....and Olive, too! 
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Now that's an Olive I'd fight over!
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Olive is very sexy! ^^
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Awesome stuff! Love the textures and detail.
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I definitely prefer your version of Olive Oil.
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i was about to say that...
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