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Godzilla Trophy Wall

Recently saw some Godzilla movies on Hulu. They're still GREAT!!! Classic stuff. I just remembered this Commission I did a while back and thought I'd share it here. Long Live GhHOJjiiRaaa!
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That's great awesome work :-)
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in what film he kills gamera oO
Great stuff. Godzilla wastes all these pretenders to the crown like king kong and gamera.
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Hail to the king, baby,
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Army Of Darkness Reference. Nice! :)
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Hahaha the coolest godzilla drawing ive seen for such a long time, your got the mighty G looking mighty fine and dandy. Awesome to the utmost!
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Hey...why would Gamara be up there?
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Lounge Lizard.=P
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He's not a Lizard though.=P (Razz) 
Lol Godzilla rules
king o de monsters
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Godzilla's not that tough, King Kong beat him. Hang on, I'll be right back, my sisters jumping on the bed are making the whole house seem like it's shaking...
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I think Bruce Campbell said it best,

"Hail to the King baby"
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Now that is a great collection the Big G got!
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Awesome work.
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They all came, they all tried, and one by one, they all died. Don't fuck with the 'Zilla.
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Me, King!!!
Whats Hulu?
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