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It totally sneaked up on me that my birthday is in less than two weeks and Thanksgiving is one week away. That’s so weird. Ever have that? In minute those two days feel so far away. Next thing you know, they’re less than a week away!
Those parts of DeviantArt (you know the ones) in a nutshell.…
Would tou guys like to see me post what ten songs I want remixed most in Smash Ultimate?
That moment when you’re holding all your art until tomorrow so you can try to beat your record for more art posted in one month... lol
Ever noticed how it’s kinda funny that some TF artists here have a certain character or characters that they like to manipulate. Examples include FezMangaka and her love of TFing Faba and all things Aether as well as BoooooyahX and her love of Tfing Lana plus the Ultra Recon Squad. Lol
So, here’s a fun little series I may consider doing occasionally when I feel like it. It’ll be a big semi-satirical look on things that I hope you guys enjoy.

Today (yesterday) I learned
- I was wrong and CrazyNaut was right when it cane to our leak theorizing, (except for the Ken image leak, then we were both right).
- Incineroar is stuck with being fighter #69 and that terrifies me for what is going on in the dark places of dA.
- If your fighter couldn’t make it in, at they’re there in spirit. (Real talk though, even though there’s a Geno Spirit, he can still be in as DLC! There’s one for K. Rool and he’s a fighter. This still worked trophies in Smash “For” with the Lucas and Mewtwo trophies.)
- Isaac sounds like an anime girl as he vanquishes foes with emoji hands.
- Guile’s Theme fits with everything, even Smash Ultimate.
- “Villager” in Korean sounds like “bow to me!”
- Planty the Potted Plant from “Plants vs Zombies” was the one fighter we needed.
- Master Seraphim/Galeem is really just Nintendo’s way of trying to get Safer Sephiroth in the game without paying Square Enix.
- Lucas is now as dead as his mother (too soon?!).
- Snake thinks his box rivals a nuclear fallout shelter in levels of defense.
-Since Sakurai forgot to kill someone in Isabelle’s trailer, he made up for it by killing the whole roster except for his star-child.
- Sakurai is Thanos and this is Super Smash Bros. Infinity. Everyone is DEAD!
- The new Kirby game that comes with Smash Ultimate looks fun!
- Indie Spirit cameos are probably gonna be everywhere, including the likes of Steve, Sans, and Freddy Fazbear. Calling it now.
- Ever since E3, something has broken for Etika during every Smash anouncement. First his shelf, next his stream, then his lotion, finally his whole channel.

Comment down below and tell me what you learned from the Direct yesterday.


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