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Dear artists!

I am offering commissions as from now.
You can find my portfolio on my tumblr I've made for it.

Send me a note if you're interested in!

I may be a rat but I don't bite :3
Wanted to announce:

From November I'll offer commissions for drawings and animations.
I've to work on my portfolio and prizes.
The portfolio will be submitted later.

Maybe someone of you will be interested then :3
Maybe this is my last journal here. My account has been very quite at last.
I lost every joy at deviantArt. All the people I loved and liked aren't very active here anymore.
So dA changed to a lonely planet. I moved to twitter and found a wonderful new home there.
I'll submit something from time to time and would never deactivate this account because it has a very personal value to me.
Back then a previous precious person showed it to me and it influenced my live nobody could foreshade.
I found my way to draw and I found the love of my life here - that's for what deviantArt will ever be in my heart and my mind.

Met so many great artists here. Keep it up, guys, and have a good time!


Hey there everyone! :)

I'm thinking of making an account on furaffinity too. Has anyone any experiences?

Stay fluffy~
This journal contains a lot of uninteresting and trivial stuff (beware of it) :D

At first: So far I'm doing well. Weather is annoying me to hell. Where is the spring? It's a post-winter at the moment. Not so bad as it is in other parts of country atm but... anyway. Two months grom now at the latest I want to learn horse-riding and I don't want to do that in dreadful weather. Can't wait to ride, saddle and even clean that wonderful creatures.

Time flies this year. Horrible! It's almost June. Have a business trip then. Good thing is that I'll meet a dear deviant and friend there I've seen 4 years ago.

My mystery shopping freelance develops very lucrative last time. I'm glad that I've begun doing that last year. There can't be a better thing than eating somewhere or shopping and getting money for it^^ And you get a lot of new impressions.

Soon it's Eurovision Song Contest again (like every year). It's not that it would be very interesting who wins or that crap but it's a good source for getting new songs for listening to (while drawing for example).

This year I've 3 favourites I've discovered yesterday.

''Help to fly'' by 'Ivan' from Belarus [link]
''Sound of Silence'' by 'Dami In' from Australia [link]
''If love was a crime'' by 'Poli Genova' from Bulgaria [link]

Last year I just found one song I liked. It was ''Autumn Leaves'' by 'Daniel Kajmakoski' from Macedonia [link]

That was it. I told it to you. Stuff!
Hell - have to write this! :icondothisthingplz:
I'm playing the lottery with some workmates and we are dreaming of the big win.
Show you today's numbers:

6 - 12 - 29 - 35 - 42 - 47 - SZ 7  Our numbers were:
6 - 11 - 27 - 36 - 40 - 43 - SZ 8

Do I have to say something more about?
Life is hating me :iconkyeplz:
So ok, I cleaned my list of watchers.

Congratz! If you read this you weren't one of the rejected ones! :XD:

Partly it was a little painful act because I deleted a bit of my history here and there were some real old watchers of my start involved.
I separated 98 watchers out and now I've still a ridiculous number of watchers - but no one needs left accounts and watchers who never fave or comment. Nobody.

That's why I distinguished between active watchers, watchers who have a special protect cuz of various personal reasons, watchers who weren't active till now but aren't a watcher of mine for one full year (they have a protect atm but I will continue this selection from time to time) and the obviously (rejected) inactive watchers.

That's all.
Best wishes to all my current watchers! :wave:
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Nope, I wasn't there. I still have been in front of the conference center and met one artist whose art I admire much. In fact it was FloydKangaroo.
However at the moment I can hardly resist to go EF next year. Really, I wasn't inside it but that what I saw boosted and boosts me further to draw, to advance, to get much better. It felt so much to be among its peers. If I imagine how many cool cartoon and furry artists there must have been around me, gosh!
And all these fursuit. Ever wanted to see a real fursuit and there have been a lot! Couldn't keep my eyes glued to them.
Next years goal: taking photos and hug some fursuit carriers :D
Damn I'm so flashed :flashingspasm: - Not Mature
Dieses Jahr möchte ich gerne wieder (wie jedes Jahr) meinen OC Rick in einer selbstgewählten Pose/Situation, gerne natürlich auch weihnachtsbezogen.

RefSheet: Ref-Sheet Rick by RatteMacchiato

Wem das nicht zuspricht, kann auch etwas mit Zebras/Eseln/Kängurus zeichnen. Oder derjenige/diejenige durchstöbert meine Favs und findet etwas anderes, was er/sie meint, dass ich mich darüber freuen würde.

Auf jeden Fall: Viel Spaß beim Zeichnen und freuen auf das eigene Geschenk!

</b>Wer als Deutscher mitmachen will, dieser Gruppe beitreten: :icongermansecretwichtel:


Journal Entry: Sun Jul 13, 2014, 9:21 PM


Germany wins the World Cup in Brazil! They made themselves immortal.
Can't get it. What a hard and
combative game - what a triumph! :omfg:

Thank you for a wonderful World Cup Brazil and German team!

Art by RatteMacchiato,
Journal by RatteMacchiato


Journal Entry: Tue Jul 8, 2014, 9:27 PM

Was has happened yesterday evening? What was THAT?
Germany beatet World Cup host Brazil (yes - really that Brazil) 7:1 in semifinal! :wow:
I must have dreamed.

But now I'am awake and it's real. Just one step to the title (last one I've been almost 2 years old).

Go!Go!Go guys! I'm already proud of you.

Art by RatteMacchiato,
Journal by RatteMacchiato


Journal Entry: Thu May 1, 2014, 6:36 AM

Hey peeps!

I wanna tell you a small story about a guy, a girl and a photography.

To be exact this one ---> the zebras best side by DarkTaraArts

ONCE someone showed him dA. The guy explored this extremely interesting website for 3 months.
One day on main page he found this wonderful photo of a zebra's butt. Because he loves zebras and
never saw such a picture before he commented below. He didn't know why. He normally doesn't often
comment works of unknown artists. Nevertheless he did.

IT has been one of the best things he did in his life.

AMAZING talks and chats developed between him and the girl who shot the photo days ago.
Beyond weeks. In July he visited her first time 300 km away from home. After this common
day ended he has been awful sad. But a bit lucky too - he fell in love.

AFTER he met her after a job interview in her town (he wanted to live nearby her - spending time
with her, wanting be nearby), a surprising birthday visit he did and two New-Years-parties he
already rejected his dreams of love and has been okay with the concept of friendship.

BUT after this time there should be more. And he has had luck.

This guy in that story was me. It was May 1st three years ago.
I've been in the right spot in the right time. I found her photo
on main page after she uploaded it the day ago.
This day influenced my future totally.

Marriage by RatteMacchiato

Finally in three weeks we will marry. And it's a photo's fault which has been taken three years ago.

Believe in your dreams even if it will cost years and work!

Art by RatteMacchiato,
Journal by RatteMacchiato
I've my three sweeties at home now :love:
They're a bit cautious now and discovered already the second floor of their cage. Atm they're nibbling a crispbread in one of their houses^^

This evening I'll give them peace to acclimatize to their new home and discover it. That means no photos etc. now. But there will come hundreds of them with the time :XD:

Welcome to your new home Tico, Riki, Martinez! Let's have a funny and wonderful time!
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My three buddies are growing and growing and growing :D
They're four weeks old soon :icontfmdanceplz:


Tomorrow I'll visit them first time and will hold them in my own hands, my little sweethearts :iconlainloveplz:

Anytime next month I'll live with them finally :la:
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...or farewell of a great panda.
Yesterday morning my darling Bao Bao left away in the zoo of Berlin.
He was THE symbol of the zoo here, the only panda in Germany, the oldest panda in a zoo worldwide, just an old gentleman.

Now he took his dying breath...

my sweetheart by RatteMacchiato
1978  - 2012-08-22

He has been longer in the zoo than I live and I can't imagine the zoo without him. He has just been there ever.
Now the zoo won't be the same like before.

I'm empty, I'm totally empty today. I've no words. He was my favourite. After readinf it today morning in the news paper I've been shocked and this had been in my mind whole day at work.
It's so sad and depressing :icontfmcryplz:

If I'm thinking of that I'll never see him again.......

If I had known that my last visit has been the very last... :icontfmcryplz::icontfmcryplz::icontfmcryplz:

At least he didn't had to suffer...

Rest in peace my black-white Bao Bärchen... I'll miss you so much!
My three jacks of hearts have already openend their eyes to discover our beautiful world :squee:
They're 16 days old now. Can't wait to get them next month :la::la:

Aaaaaaand noooow the surrender of names I'll give them! pc: drum icon by komondors

Sweetie Tico :love:
Sweetie Riki :love:
Sweetie Martinez :love:

It's obvious - I've an obsession for Spanish names :icondragonxpplz:

Awwww wanna cuddle ya'll now my sweet ratties :icontfmkissplz:
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Now about the journey to south Germany and Duzloo.

In spite of flight it's a long travel because of waiting at the airport, for the bus, for trains. That's the cause of the delay althought I already arrived yesterday evening.

First of all: it has been awesome. In any case I had a lot of joy to travel, to discover the environment, the towns, the mentality. But everything I mentioned here was still the bonus. The main reason I travelled to the south was to experience Duzloo. And I wasn't disappointed. She's the hearty person I met and experienced in so many hours of chatting while more than a year. She came along with me trough 5 intensive and diversified days. I tackled our time with having in my mind that this time is limited and many days will pass when we'll see us again. That's why I feel a bit of melancolia now.
But that shall not belie the joy I had to discover her hometown and the environment, visiting two different zoos, drawing, talking together ot just the feeling you've being nearby someone you like.

To experience everything I had my first two flights ever. It was exciting and being in the air flying over the clouds was a feeling you don't have while staying on Earth. It's another world there. You can see the beauty of our planet in symbiosis with the sky.
Even if the first flight has been a bit bumpy I arrived safely in Stuttgart (the approach in Stuttgart…) and then I had to gol a bit by trains.

I really love the landscape there. Here in the east it's flat like a flatfish. But there it is hilly and rangy and I saw first time real vineyards. And I love the big river Neckar which is floating the blooming landscape.

In short:
we visited two zoos :thumb320495772::thumb320474188::thumb320506149: all by :iconduzloo:
I had guided tours in town and environment by my personal guide :aww:
we drew together :thumb320470603::thumb320248351:
we saw fireworks in her hometown because of the end of the folk festival… - take a look it is worth

But these days are already past. Lifes goes on. Work is calling.
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From tomorrow morning I'll be away to visit :iconduzloo: in the south of Germany :la:
It's my first flight, my first visit there. I'm very excited, hoping for much fun and good weather.

Won't be back till friday evening.

So I wish ya all a good next week!
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I'm away noooow

no - not the account - tomorrow I'll move out from my parents and move in my own rented flat :la:

That means no internet from sunday to probably monday evening or later. I'll be glad see you all again next week.

Bye bye Potsdam - welcome new life in Berlin! :wave:

Two great songs about my new home Berlin……

See you all and have a nice weekend!
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Baaaack again

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 3, 2011, 10:57 AM

Hey everybody!

I'm back from a three day lasting birthday-surprise-trip to my dear friend *DarkTara's birthday.
I experienced this trip with ~Vegejor together and met ~Lila-Hani too (both I met first time). All such kind ones!
We've had an ultimate-great-mega-cool day. In my opinion my best day in this year. Awww I wished it hadn't end. I was cuddled into heaven XDD
Shows another time that you should enjoy the rare moments in life. Because I know this experience I won't experience so soon again.

Best wishes from a hyper high spirited Flo to everyone!

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