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Queen Cersei

Cersei of Houses Lannister and Baratheon, Queen of the Seven Realms
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Amazing! Can I get an FHD version of this, please? For learning purposes.

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Absolutely amazing. I love the color scene, the concept, everything!!!! Phenomenal work (:
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Hi, just to let you know that someone has taken your art and using it for their own profit.
here is the link:…
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Thank you very much for letting me know!! I'll look into it.
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MY GOD!  You have to make more of these.  Please continued.  You left out so many other people.
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Haha! They keep adding more characters to the show!! But yes, I do want to continue making more!
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These cards are such a great idea! I would totally buy them! :D
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Could you talk about process and how you get this effect?
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Sure. In this case, I chose a red and tan palette - with each color having 5-6 shades. Working in Illustrator, I used the pen tool to draw a posterized look starting with the darkest areas to the lightest. I add a few gradient meshes to the lighter tones and finish it off with a few splatters to the background.
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Are you going to release a playing card set?
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No, just creating a few of these for fun. I think HBO is selling a deck of cards with character photos. Thanks!
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She is the best! I'm always looking forward for her scenes.
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