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For What It's Worth: EP 003

By ratrascal
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OKAAYYYY IM AWAKE NOW time to write a proper description!

--Author's Notes--

I enjoy the stupidity of this episode way too much. I drew so many stupid faces and it was such a joy.
ALSO GOD I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS EPISODE FOREVER I can FINALLY refer to Ruby as Ruby!!! [throws script off a cliff]
Prairie dogs are very vocal and very social animals, so as a Patrat I feel like it only made sense for Ruby to already have a name BEFORE meeting a trainer. But Ruby isn't just a name of her past, it's what I called her in-game and therefore what Avery would refer to her as. Sooo, how do I reconcile this? A coincidence seemed a little silly, and Avery trying out a bunch of names (like she does in the beginning) and eventually landing on "Ruby" felt more plausible but still kind of cheap.
But then I realized, oh wait, we meet someone very specific in this town that comes RIGHT after Route 1. Someone with a very specific ability. Someone specific who I, for the life of me, could NOT decide on how to introduce until that moment. N can talk to Pokemon, DUH. So I kind of.. Weaved N's and Ruby's introductions together? I wanted N to be able to do something specific with the Pokemon characters to demonstrate his ability and Ruby's backstory just lends itself to that perfectly. So I hope you like it!
N is terrifying. At least, N becomes terrifying when you have to WRITE him. I don't know what it is, but anything and everything that I try and write down for him just feels... Incorrect? Like man, I feel like I'm doing it wrong no matter WHAT. Oh, well, I'll get better. He's not exactly a fan of humans or Avery anyway so he doesn't have the BEST convo ever with her, but don't worry we'll see him again. 

For the start of this Nuzlocke, I really wanted my episodes to be longer because I wanted there to be more content out right off the bat. But now that these "pilot" episodes, I guess you could say, are out, updates will be shorter. They're still long-form pages, though! I draw them as individual pages and then stick them together. From now on, I'm going to be capping myself at 8 pages per episode especially since school is starting up in just 10 days for me. (For perspective, this episode was 14 pages. Episode 1 was 13 and episode 2 was 12.) I hope that's okay!

-Thank you to NAT (rasprerry) and ROO (rookon) who helped me color otherwise i would have lost my mind
-cameos belong to NAT (rasprerry) and KIT (firstaidkittens) (sorry kit you got the mike wazowski treatment in that one panel lol ily)

Thanks for reading!
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Zerochan923600Professional Digital Artist

Thats a really fun way to show Avery N's ability to speak to pokemon. I agree with you on N being hard to write, I have trouble whenever he shows up XD I think you did a great job, he isnt mean, but he doesnt trust people, but the way Avery cares about how her pokemon feel is clearly a surprise to him, and you can see why he'd take note.

the purloin also looks really cool!

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MikuozHobbyist Digital Artist

Wow the story seems great! You have a wonderful artstyle and Ruby is so cute i want to squish her cheeks Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] keep it up!

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DeeForty-FiveProfessional Writer

That Purrloin design is great--I like it much more than the canon design! (I'd like canon Purrloin much much more if they weren't weirdly bipedal. Creeps me out!) I really like your take on N so far, and Ruby is a cute name! I wonder why she's so adamant about being a champion of a human organization if she's so unaccustomed to human society, but I suppose that's a secret for the future.

TwistedEerie's avatar
TwistedEerieHobbyist Digital Artist

I AM LATE BUT ELLIE THIS PAGE IS INCREDIBLE OIGUGHG GOSH the warm colours really set a nice relaxing mood despite maybe the chaos LOL also RUBBYYY YESSS I FREAKIGG LOVE HERR and I love how u debuted N and how Avery learns Rubys name through him oh my goOOSHHH i love this <3

SaltyCatDraws's avatar
SaltyCatDrawsHobbyist Digital Artist

Awwe, N seems like such a good boy in this one. Ruby is adorable by the way <3

Gulfie's avatar

This comic is already starting out amazing! I love the style (which I have said many times already) and Ruby and Orion are so cute! I also love the Purloin design. Bobcats are very pretty

ratrascal's avatar
ratrascalHobbyist Digital Artist

thanks so much!! : D : D im glad you like the bobcat purrloin, i wanted to change that evolutionary line to reflect what sort of wild cats youd find in north america

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heyits-hardyStudent Digital Artist



ratrascal's avatar
ratrascalHobbyist Digital Artist

AAA BRO TYSM!!! ;__; im happy you like it!

EurekaTrollcat's avatar
EurekaTrollcatHobbyist General Artist

This page is just too precious!

ratrascal's avatar
ratrascalHobbyist Digital Artist

;U; tysm!! im happy you think so!

theNessiArtist's avatar
theNessiArtistStudent Digital Artist

Ruby! What a cute name for such a cute fluff baby!

I Love your version of N. You managed to make him so compassionate and yet like someone most people would find very weird when they first met him

ratrascal's avatar
ratrascalHobbyist Digital Artist

thank you!! : D i was quite fond of the name, i was happy to have given her such a fiery name and then she ended up having a fiery personality to match.

aww im glad you think so, writing N makes me soo nervous. o|-< im glad i got all of that across to you. its a relief!

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Man, this page was literally all babies and I loved every moment of it, especially the floor dog moment, best moment, actually, scratch that, all the moments are best moments, I love everyone<3

Also love the interesting beginnings of a dynamic with N here, its kind of subtle, but it seemed he didn't expect Avery to be interested in what her Pokemon's opinions are, you can already tell that N has already written off most trainers at this point and its interesting how we have a protag that has a language barrier between herself and her Pokemon where as a good portion of runs focusing on BW tend to have someone that knows pokespeak, so it'll certainly be interesting to see how that gap is bridged and how that'll play into the whole narrative BW has.

ratrascal's avatar
ratrascalHobbyist Digital Artist

AWAAA tysm riboo!!!

yeah, that assessment is accurate!! it definitely gave him a bit of a surprise. and yeah, the language barrier is a challenge but its an interesting one i think. i opted out of a pokespeaking trainer to give more emphasis to N's ability/connection with pokemon. avery's inability to hear her pokemon's voices will remain a prevalent theme throughout, i think. thank you so much!

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FRAT-RATHobbyist Digital Artist

ugh i love how N is here...

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ratrascalHobbyist Digital Artist


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who's this nerd with the green hair?

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ratrascalHobbyist Digital Artist

man, idk, what a dweebus

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