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Comics, cool movies, Soccer, my family
We've put together a limited edition collection of my GI JOE Art prints. All color and high quality prints. The sets are limited to 100, signed and numbered. They come shipped in an archival photo box. They include a number of the covers I did for my IDW run on GI Joe and other Joe related commissioned or commercial art. Follow this link to see photos of all the prints included in the box set, and to order. The set includes 30 full color prints. I sell prints at conventions or through my blog/email at $15 each. With this set you'll get a higher quality print,
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Hey all, just wanted to update my terrible journal skills. I recented posted a slew of sketches over at my blog. Commissions, convention sketches and commercial art and comic process posts. Also with this post in particular I give a bit of a rundown on my current commission situation and how I'll be handling commissions in the future. So if this applies to you, or if you are interested in a commission from me, I'd give it a read through. Thanks for all the support, posts and comments. I do my best to respond, but I know I'm pretty terrible at it. I do see your comments and very mu
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Mostly I'm posting a journal because I got sick of seeing the same thing on my wall every time I logged on. Im about halfway through teaching the Figure drawing course for the Comics Experience. I think it's going pretty well for the first time teaching it. I'm sure each time we offer the course the rough edges will get smoothed out. I'm just extremely happy to see the amount of progress the students are making in their daily and weekly sketches. Everyone is grasping the material so well, I'm gratified to see that the instruction provided is clicking with the students, and then how hard they are working to apply it. Very cool, to me that's th
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Hello Mr. Atkins, Im an aspiring inker. Would it be possible to practice inking over your pencil line work? Work will not be sold. Credit will be given to you as its your work.

Hi, I'm wondering if it's ok if I color some of your works for my practice? Full credit will be given off course.

>! love your work !<

Who are the GI Joe Characters who posed in Group Drawings in Cover B of GI Joe Real American Hero #271, #272, #273, 274 and #275?
Banging work dude!!!! 
I hope that you are still working at the ThunderCats 2011 continuation, dear RobertAtkins! How about that?