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Anne Royall on sunday schools and indoctrination..

Widely credited as the first professional female journalist from U.S. - and still struggled hard to get hold of a decent image of hers :(

Another great freethinker BTW.
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Hi. I'm doing some research on Anne Royall and am also struggling to find an image of her. Is this really her? Can you tell me where you found it? I'm hoping to get this thing published so I'll credit you with finding it, of course. Thanks!
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This sums up my feelings of teaching children religion in general. They lack the knowledge and critical thinking skills to question what is being told to them.
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They where nice stories though, mozes, david & goliath, noah's ark, as a kid I was mesmerized with these stories just as much as with fairytales like snowwhite, cinderella, pinokkio. I don't think it was so impious as much as it was brainwashing us to believe them as kids often believe in fairytales. I jumped of a gardenshed once wearing my supermancostume, because I believed superman could exist.
I think the awareness of gravity, (I felt my chest hurt for about a week) made me look into science rather than supernatural stories.
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No one tells you that you're Snowhite/Cinderella etc. are real and if you don't believe this you're going to burn in hell. I'm not sure whether they taught you as just stories, most of them don't teach them as stories anyways. And neither is Bible kid safe material, lot of vile shite in there even for adults.
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Well off course every biblestory has the strong undertone of "believeth in one god, or burn in hell", just as the fairytales have the strong undertone that"Who fights for whats right will live happily ever after". As you grow up you know there is no happily ever after and the struggle for good is a daily thing. And if while you grow up you're one of the lucky ones who's brain actually jumpstarts you can see that the stories in the bible are just a collection of fairytales with no more value as a collection of superhero comics. The problem with kids is that they'll believe anything, they're minds are very influencial and parental advisory should not just be on Rap-albums, but also comic-books, fairytales and most of all the bible. I mean people are affraid if kids hear about sex, but if you really read the bible, there's fornication, incest, rape and all kinds of explicite sexstories in there. But I still must admit,great flood, ten plagues, parting the seas, great stories especially if Hollywood makes movies of it but that's what they are, stories no more no less. I'm always joking that in twothousand years from now people will go to church believing that Darth Vader split the atlantic to let the Navii cross in an attempt to escape the Nazi's:-)
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You're seriously underestimating the power of religious indoctrination. While stories might influence a person's perspectives, that's no way analogous to religious indoctrination. People still struggle to get past the fear of hell, even after they loss their faith. Not the case with any other fables. And these being indoctrinated year after year into them as facts. So no, no way it is analogous.
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Well you are right off course butt there are also adult women who still wait for prince charming to arrive or men who seek out woman in distress because they feel a need to save them. So there's also some indoctrination going on there, off course this depends on how the stories where brought and what kind of person you are. What I mean is these indoctrinations happen at childhood, and children are extra infuencial, if they can be thought to believe in a fairy-tale they sure as Hell(No pun intended) are going to believe the Bible.Certainly if the bible, the Quran, the Thora and most other religious teachings are done on a frequent base and on a Mass-scale. So to summarize i'm not talking about the analogy but rather about the vulnerability of children to such brainwashing.
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