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Back to the Tardis

Rose and Ten as Marty McFly & Doc Brown. I originally was going to draw the Delorian, but decided against out of not really wanting to deal with drawing it. This started off as a quick doodle in my sketchbook and then evolved.

Due to popular demand there are now prints, stickers, and t-shirts available of this at my redbubble account [link]
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You should write this as a story, a fan-fiction story that will be so cool if you do that I will read it badly. XD
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that's Back To The Future that movie fan-flipping-tastic. I love how you put Rose as Marty McFly and The Doctor as Dr. Brown that's wicked great job with this picture. XD
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ha ha that's awesome!
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all of the yes!!!!! so much good!!! 
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If Rose was ever going to wear Marty's getup, I would definitely want to go with her and the Doctor!
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This is so incredible I can't even. XD Fantastic!
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T\Why has nobody else thought of this?
I love BTTF and Doctor Who! I totally geeked out when they made that reference in "The Shakespeare Code"!
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gahhhh this is amazing <3
aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh of course. why has no one done this before??? respect to you.
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Best. Crossover. Ever. That is all. :+fav:
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>w< This is so awesome...
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Awesome job!
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This is incredible!
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