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You Can Fry Eggs On That?

Drawn by :iconcatisawesome123:

We decided to take a break from Heartbeats to do this one. Will continue the series soon. Hope you had a laugh.

If you are an artist who wishes to do a comic with me just give me a buzz

Please also donate to my patreon at…
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No she’s not a nothing in oven
fyre-byrd's avatar
Was this inspired by Pinkie Rose?
Woodboardlord's avatar
i guess you could say she's got a hot ass
TheDemonGirl84's avatar
...sunny side up..?
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
Eggs are unborn embryos.

Ponies wouldn't eat eggs...
ZetaRESP's avatar
Not all of them have Embryos. You really need to know more about Eggs.
fyre-byrd's avatar
But do you think ponies would eat any meat or animal products at all?
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
I saw a gif once of a horse eating a baby chicken.
ZetaRESP's avatar
Yeah, it's like a woman's period: the lays the eggs, even if they weren't loaded. Hell, you don't need a rooster to have a hen laying eggs.
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
So the eggs we eat are babyless eggs?

Not to mention I'm in kind of a bad mood. The creator of two OCs didn't like that I'd changed their names. I deleted the pic out of some reason that I care to point out.
ZetaRESP's avatar
Eeyup. After all, eggs with embryos inside are a different dish altogether.
ZetaRESP's avatar…

THAT is when you eat Embryos. Also, must remember they have cakes and confectioneries, which use also eggs.
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If it was any other pony butt Pinkie It would be their butt in the pan
Butt scents Pinkie is The Grim Pony.
YesImDeadpool's avatar
Pinkie, you're a dope. XD
Ginam9816's avatar
Hello! I made a dub of this comic if you're interested in checking it out. ;)
Dragonjek's avatar
And then someone pokes her plot just to see if it's really that hot, and their hoof is perfectly fine. Then Pinkie returns to baking cookies on Celestia's butt.
TartarusFire's avatar
The raw power contained in thine cheeks leave scorch marks everywhere they doth touch.'re not going to be repeating this gag 5000 times, like the Derpy-thinks-Spitfire's-hair-is-real-flame gag, right?
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
Oh God I hope not.
xxxMakixxx's avatar
Derpy already done that!
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