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Where Did We Go Wrong?

I never get tired of using Flurry as a joke. Credit to :iconleon-z: for drawing this

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I'd like a comic dub of this. 
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podemos ver justo el cuadro de cuando se les rompe el corazón XD
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Well, whats wrong in that? She is beloved indeed by many people and such reputation is more powerful than ever in those days.
LoneWolfIcy's avatar
Heart Breaker, once again true to her name!
samuraivalerie's avatar
oh that's easy, subtle attempts to drive her into being what you wanted her to be and her phase of needing to rebel hit so hard it never wore off.
alexwarlorn's avatar
Sorry, didn't make me laugh.
alexwarlorn's avatar
Felt mean spirited rather than funny.
eliander's avatar
so young and so wild 
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Yeah, no. The punch line to this needs work as it shames people who do that for a living. There's nothing shameful about being an exotic dancer. 
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1. Its a gag comic, just a joke.

2. A person confident enough to show their body would not take offense to this(do you work on something like this?)
3. Of course there is nothing shameful about being an exotic dancer(or porn star, or protitute, or clown, etc. All honest jobs)
There is something shameful about being a politician tho, XD, most people there have no shame.
you clearly aren't a parent.
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
I don't need to be a parent to know that acting like that-shaming your kid for doing something that isn't a shameful thing to do-is shitty. There's nothing wrong with being an exotic dancer and any parent who would be ashamed of their offspring and go so far as to act ashamed in front of them AND in public doesn't deserve to be that persons parent. 
screw off. This is Deviant art, not tumblr. 
boomnnuke's avatar
a sluty alicorn
ok then XD
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
Slut shaming isn't cool. There's nothing shameful about being an exotic dancer.
boomnnuke's avatar
TenshiWing's avatar
Making fun of an actual psychiatric term isn't very nice.
boomnnuke's avatar
i dont care about any ones feelings
i can make fun of anything i want.

i can make dark jokes
of death beatings rape
anything i desire.

i could not care less of any ones sensitivities
if you are offended by a joke or a statement
then you are so sensitive that you do not belong on the internet.
TenshiWing's avatar
Are you truly that cruel?
boomnnuke's avatar
jokes are not cruel
if you think they are then you are sensitive.

humor is based on misery
it makes the absurd situations of life and makes them laughable
in order to cope with it.

there are 2 jokes that tj kirk aka the amazing atheist made that is dark humor.

but i will talk about the first one he made that i have heard

how many police does it take to change a light bulb?
none they just beat the room for being black.

is it about a fucked up subject?
yes but its dark humor
its a joke about some very sensitive topics
but it does not make me or anyone a bad person
for telling the joke.

its just a joke and nothing more.

but for some reason there are cry babys that think if you tell such a joke
then that means your racist or even sexist or other radnom shit they pull out of there asses
even though its just a joke.

i am not afraid of offending someone and never will
after all offense is taking not given.
TenshiWing's avatar
So you're into schadenfreude?
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It's like needless !
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