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The Problem With Dating Griffins

I imagine that this would come up as a problem in some way. Also, rump roast. It sounds so dirty.

Art by :iconleon-z:

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This is an intriguing idea though.
This is on both of them. He should have known better than to bring a pony to a griffon restaurant on a first date, and she should have questioned the choice of restaurant when the fancy egg salad was the only thing on the menu that actually sounds like food.
"Excuse me, waiter, I asked for my rump to be well done."

"Of course, sir..." *pulls out a paddle*
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You just made my day.
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Yep that could be a problem. Very nicely done.
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roast rump? I thought the order of words was Rump Roast.
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My thought was... Whose butt is this ?
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Ah I remember cow and chicken reference about pork's butt
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Well, oops... :XD:
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There's no way they'd get entrees in "a few minutes!"
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Well if this is a world where Griffin's lay eggs, she's no better.
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Looks like what happened to a vegan friend of mine when she saw animal planet for the first time.
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You know what will be better?
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His previous marefriend.
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still in mystery: in some episodes we can see ham (in the phoenix episode if i can remember)

but isn't established than the ponies eat meat 
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They eat eggs. 
sigel4ever's avatar
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And in RL equines can, and sometimes do, eat meat.  They can't have too much in the way of animal fats, (they lack digestive enzymes), but limited quantities of lean meat is fine.
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eat with moderation
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You mean the sandwich infront of Applejack? Yeah, a slice of ham... Or is it bologna? Or maybe a slice of pink tofu?
Though, remember that song Pinkie sang infront of the Buffalo? "Both our diets are vegetarian"
And then we hop into EqG territory and Twilight's first, proper Beefburger.
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for the moment, still a mystery (but i agree with the pony in the image: isn't exactly a nice image of dinner)
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