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Revolution of Harmony: Chapter 1 Page 51

Drawn by candyclumsy

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Revolution of Harmony: Chapter 1 - Page 1 by Rated-R-PonyStar

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Gentle persuasion.

Spike:Oh, come on. You're taking all the fun out of an interrogation.

Bandits, unfortunately for other bandits, don't tend to have the level of fervent loyalty required to say "Do your worst; I'll never talk."

Another pony/gryphon relationship in the making? That purple gryphon and the light blue mare seem to be eying one another.

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Also, there seem to be more bandits than villagers, which is unsustainable. Bad economics, there. Also, is it just me, or is the blue griff in the top panel background left checking out the two ladies lying in the grass midground left? Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Grin 3

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He also clipped off the 'Do Not Remove' tags on his mattress...

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Hmm.....must be the new guy....

So in this world are dragon excited

is that why he is so scared because if that so l would be scared of spike to

and also thank you for not makeing spike a punching bag in this comic

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Wow.....Spike actually didn't have to do anything to get this guy to talk. Man these bandits are cowards.

Spike: is that everything

Bandit: I also wetted the bed until I was 15

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It's no fun when they don't put up a fight.

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:iconrainbowdashconfusedplz: “Was there anything he didn’t confess?”

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What a sissy... That guy must be from The Plain of Happy Ponies...

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Spike just going to go interrogate the man and he was just going to say a question then the man started talking straight away and i bet spike was like aw i wanted yo beat him up for information

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Well, he saw what Spike did to his comrade, not to mention Spike being a large, muscular dragon and all.

fluttershylover2's avatar

bandit was prob like Oh S*** when he saw Spike xD

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Zenitsu, is that you?

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This weakest link was already so weak, I don't know how there was even a chain so to weaken the links of to begin with! :P

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Also he wet the bed till he was 14!

At least he knew in what situation he's in!

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Dam didn’t know Fluttershy was able to teach Spike the secret of THE STARE before she died
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Guy doesn’t want to be tortured

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Well Spike is very good at interrogation.

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Clearly Spike Threatened to declaim Vogon Poetry.

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