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Revolution of Harmony: Chapter 1 Page 50


MarkedLucario has made a SFM of Blackwing for Skyrim. Check it out: Moonfang Island MLP Blackwing addon by MarkedLucario

Drawn by candyclumsy

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Mature Content

Revolution of Harmony: Chapter 1 - Page 1 by Rated-R-PonyStar

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In Sun Tzu's (translated) words, victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. And you can't win until you know the war you're fighting.

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Upper Right Panel reminds me of:

Sven Svensson KO.JPG
tigreanpony's avatar

Oh man that smile spike has in the last panel, my god. Nicely done looking forward to the next page.

Sweater01's avatar

Y'know I think during this time gentle is gonna tell his mother that he hired spike. I'm already seeing the page now

ScorpinacIII's avatar

With his buddy's corpse as an example, I'm thinking he'll talk pretty fast.

Pony4Koma's avatar

Bandit: I'll never talk! Never!

Spike: Blackwing... Give me your kid's toy taxi car and a live beaver~♡

Sweater01's avatar
Zerogaki's avatar

Strider Wins


AlexDTI's avatar

Spike wins.


RogerioGuimaraes's avatar

yeah trap was very successful, but interesting that the rogue said "holy empress" nothing something one would expect from a bandit... could simple be the new "celestia sake" or something will should be discover by Spike.

Scyphi's avatar

I'm sorry, but I can't help but insert a typical 60s Batman sound effect to that punch in panel 2. :P

Delta52775's avatar

Judging by the look on Spike’s face that other bandit is going to wish he died.

Tara-Freakie's avatar

Oh cool, caught up.

pj202718's avatar

Information say "Dead pony much luckier."

Bassline88's avatar

I'm sure Spike can be very ... persuasive when asking for informations

BBBHuey's avatar

Oh, he’s going to have fun with this one... Rainbow Dash Planning Something Evil (Emoticon)

Claircendre's avatar

it was strange, no more "ho my Celestia!". yes, the Emperesse take the pantheon now

Zerogaki's avatar

Spike being a man for 5 seconds

Soulinanight's avatar
Guess that one wasn’t... cut out for this
Retro7's avatar

Honestly I think the one that got killed got off lucky ^^;.

alexandermon's avatar

Yeah... a slit in the throat. Still having his balls and it has no burns, not in not one single part of his body. I bet that went the other wakes up, he will wish to be so lucky.

Backjack-Kitsune's avatar

Now what?

well now the true fun begins my friend

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