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Readers of The Last Copy-Page 8

All comedy is based on misery.

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Page 7

EDit: For those who asked

Pinkie Pie: “Oh, you got the book! Did you get to the part where Daring Do finds out that Ahuizotl is really her father trapped in some ancient curse that is possessing him and that Esteban is really his spy who tries to kill Daring Do, but she fakes her death and then manages to get revenge by not saving him in a trap that involves flesh eating bugs. Or that part where Daring Do manages to sink the Pyramid of Death, only to revive the ancient god that was preventing it from being resurrected and it starts destroying the nearby town of Coltro. So then she goes to another pyramid to resurrect its enemy god, the two fight it out in an AMAZING detailed battle and they destroy each other which sends Daring Do flying across the desert where it ends with her losing her memory and being picked up by traveling nomads who take her in?”
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Me: *Hears the word 'Ahuiztol'*

My aztec ancestral bloodline: "WHOMST HAS SUMMONED THE MASTERS??!!"

And this how inverted Cupcakes was created.
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I believe Dash gave Pinkie the middle feather
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And this, folks, is why you ask "What part are you at?" instead.
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That's bad, Pinkie. Almost as bad as when someone screamed out the ending of Harry Potter 6 to a line of people waiting to buy it.
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"All comedy is based on misery."

That's called dark comedy.  Also, it requires a level of detachment, as if it lingers on the subject for too long, it instead becomes uncomfortable and makes the audience feel bad for laughing in the first place.
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Oh, is it the last one? Oo
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Damn it Pinkie Pie, you spoiled it for EVERYPONY!!! :XD:
Nooo Pinkie going t be punished y Maude, dispite what Rainbow actted and done, Spoiling a book like Daring Do, would upset Maude as Rainbow the second biggest fan for the series.
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I wonder couldn't Rd just have taken the Book by force?
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Now I want to read a Darin Do fanfiction where she lost her memory, is taken in by traveling normads and slowly figures out who she is while beeing chased by her enemies or something like that.
That's no way to treat a borrow book, Rainbow!
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LOL! It's like saying Starlight and Sunset Shimmer are actually related to Twilight! XD
:iconangryrarityplz: - "I SAID NO SPOILERS!!!"
O_o..... Stop makin me like Pinkie. Never did, never will!...... Hush!!
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*sights* *takes a minute to think* *smiles and point wave a hoof to Pinkie while starting laughing* F*** YOU PINKIE PIE!!!! F*** YOU!!!!!!
How can you end without the lawsuit?!?!

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I would quite literally murder Pinkie. I don't mind spoilers, as it's the journey that's important. The writing or acting - the outline who cares. But... still... I'd murder Pinkie in the most brutal way possible. Pull a reverse Cupcakes on her ass.
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is was at this moment............that pinkie knew..............she fucked up.

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