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Readers of The Last Copy-Page 2

Drawn by :iconlittle-tweenframes:

That moment when you realize there is somebody out there is more of a nerd then you and you tearfully burn your Number 1 Fan card.

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I loved thsi comci but hated the ending Pikie ruining the ending for Dash was really uncalled for. Worst yet as Pinkei doesn't even udnerstand what she done. i like to imagine Maud taking her by the ear and making her apologize after giving her a spanking for what she did.

She a fellow Daring do fan number one while Dash is number 2 Fans stick together.
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How does a Rock farmer have time for Daring do?
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Well, the one with the pillow is now sorta canon.
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Rainbow go  ask twilight  she has a hall library in a beautfiul castle remember,she's the one who made you love love LOVE daring do books 
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hah so theres a filly ver. a dr. who i mean whooves crossover and a manga(i luv mangas!)

and a adult edition unfinished movie script and golden edition

so daring do started as a filly met dr. whooves did some *cough* things with someone else made a manga was gunna make a movie and has a golden edition to her books

daring do has to do alot of stuff
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The adult serie also will be based on real events?
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why would anyone write about that?
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because it's your personal sex life
Oh! That's a bagpipe Pinkie's holding. It looked like she was trying to eat a cloud of smoke or something.
I want to give Maud flack about owning Daring Do porn, but I'm totally sympathetic to the allure of a complete collection. I can't exactly throw stones when there have been times I've read porn in which I have no interest beyond wanting to read every single story by a given author.
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well shit Mauds hardcore as im sure some of her books are
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it was nice of Pinkie to play the bagpipes for Dashie
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Filly Daring is so cute, but "Adult" Daring is cuter ;3
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Didn't think I would find this funny because I read Rainbow Dash's chapter book, but this killed me XD
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R.I.P. #1 fan status... :XD:
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I wonder if the movie was never completed because Daring Doo had to fight a giant spider in the 3rd Act. 
Either that or somebody wanted Neighcolas Cage to play the part.
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1. I don't want to see her in that hat. 
2. I don't want to see her find hidden treasure. 
3. She's got to fight a giant spider in the 3rd Act. 

and Neighcolas Cage, with the eyes of a fucking killer, should player her. 
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There's always a bigger fan.
interpret that any way you like.
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