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Readers of The Last Copy-Page 1

Drawn by :iconlittle-tweenframes:

The artist will also be the artist for the future Flurry and Stag comic (remember based on those polls you guys did) later on. That's still in the planning stages, but for now enjoy this short comic story where we see how desperate Dash will go to get a Daring Do book.

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Is it cool if I can do a dub on this got people to help and of course u be credited including link to the original comic once it done
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Thanks :)
And if intersted I could link u the vid once it done which will take awhile but be fun to work on soon
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Though this wouldn't happen (read Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare) I enjoy this comic
Pretty hilarious
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The book where she died? But then... how would she write it? And I'd imagine a long-lost twin sister more likely, for obvious reasons...
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A lost twint brother? that cliche A.K. Yearling.
Wait... NO!? 
that word is in the dictionary of the Pies?
Don't be naive, Rainbow. Daring and Estaban can never kiss, both because the romantic tension is far more valuable to the series than any resolution could ever be and because A.K. Yearling doesn't kiss and tell.
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This page could be a comic all on it's own.
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Would you mind, if I translate this? 
If yes, could you give me textless version? And what font do you use? 

Thank you. 

And will this comic have a continuation or is it single?  
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You can translate and it's a continuation. You have to ask the artist for textless version
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Do you mind if I do a dub of this when it's done?
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You'd think she'd go to Twilight first...
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"Copy-Page 1"

Will this comic have a continuation or is it single? 
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Of course Maud wouldn't lend it. She hasn't finished it yet.
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Buy your own, Dash!
What would society be like if we had a widespread practice of lending books to people at no cost???
That was RD's intent but the "SOLD OUT" sign in the second panel scrapped that idea.

And authors are still writing books despite libraries enabling people to read nearly any book for free.
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You draw some really good Dash faces! :3
*sneaks up to maud*
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Before the Internet came along, you'd have to search to the ends of the earth for the newest releases and often times go miles out of your way just to get it, if you were even that lucky. Thank goodness for Amazon.
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