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Rainbow Dash Always Dresses in Style... IN HELL!

Drawn By :iconsslug:

The first of three death humor comics I've commissioned. What can I say, I like this type of humor XP

Please support my comic efforts by donating to my patreon at

And if you are an artist who wants to work with me please give a message.
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goldorakx69's avatar

this is out Rainbow dash character to murder other, sure she will be shock to learn the G3 Rainbow dash be like Rarity but go to murder her, no, out of character. I know is only a stupid but is fail to make me laugh but murder a never be funny!

LunaMoon9000's avatar
RIP G3 Rainbow Dash/Dish
JojoDaggerback's avatar
I'm the only one who realize RD took three days to wash her hooves?
EngineGear's avatar
How hard is it to wash off blood? It's all over her fur.
RaingThunder's avatar
Wait Wait WAIT....... 3 days laters........ And she's STILL washing the blood off???
alexwarlorn's avatar
G3 Cheerilee, "And if they don't... I vote we find the murdering nag and beat the life out of them!" 




saneman1's avatar
plot twist all g4 ponies were in on it and slaughter the g3 ponies
B1BattleDroid's avatar
Lol she doesn't feel sorry XD
Cobrawolf86's avatar
SilentCarto's avatar
It's the little details... like the smear of blood on the soap pump.
dabbycats's avatar
yeah, she looks really sad. why it take her 3 days to wash her hands.. i mean hooves? who else has she been killing???
mlpiloveme123's avatar
i know, and she still was not done!
Jazz-Mania666's avatar
Thank you, Rainbow Dash. Thank you . . . 
RaingThunder's avatar
What exactly did RD do BESIDES kill an innocent soul
Jazz-Mania666's avatar
Nothing. I just hate the old version of MLP.
saneman1's avatar
g3 rainbow dash is dead quick perform the sending
Probably should've used a high color to cover the stitches.
nioniosbbbb's avatar
.... Well that's mortifying. Quite honestly I don't find it funny. Sorry.
That what you get for using her name for your own nefarious purposes.
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
But dead Rainbow Dash was there first...
DragonBlitz85's avatar
Thank you... we all hate Gen 3.
DragonBlitz85's avatar
Then your a freak.
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